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Competition Pitmaster Tries out the Gather Grill

Grilled Cheese on a Grill Griddle Combo

When people think about cooking around the fire pit, they typically think about simple things like s’mores or hot dogs. 

When you’re cooking with the Gather Grill, however, you can do so much more! To prove how awesome this fire pit is for cooking, we asked competition pitmaster Brandon Albritton to do a low and slow cook of brisket and ribs.

Both the brisket and the ribs are staples at any good barbecue, and when you get them right they provide an incredible flavor, texture, and aroma.

Watch the video below to see how Brandon did and hear his perspective on cooking with the Gather Grill.

Smoking Brisket and Ribs on the Gather Grill

As you can see from the video, this grill and smoker combo is an excellent way to cook your favorite barbecue staples. 

Here are a few of the reasons Brandon loved cooking on the Gather Grill:

  • It’s a versatile cooking space.
  • The fact that you can rotate everything makes it easy to adjust the temperature.
  • The smoker hood held the temperature really well.
  • The table around the grill provides plenty of space to prep the food before or after cooking.
  • The brisket passed the tender test perfectly (and brisket is not an easy piece of meat to cook!)
  • The ribs held the moisture and had a great smoke ring. It was a “perfect rib.”

In the end, the Gather Grill provided Brandon with an easy way to smoke his favorite barbecue foods. If you’re looking for a new way to make the perfect rib, then the Gather Grill is the perfect option!

Cooking around the fire should be an experience

Here at Gather Grills, we believe that cooking and time spent around the fire should be an experience. Our grill is versatile. You can grill, griddle, or smoke your favorite meals all with one fire pit.

Best of all? You and your friends and family can sit around the fire while you cook! We have spent hours around the fire, laughing and sharing stories and eating food fresh off the grill.

The flexibility allows you to cook over charcoal or firewood, and this helps provide your food with excellent flavor that you simply can’t get from gas or indoor cooking.

If you want to try the Gather Grill out for yourself and become a BBQ legend in your own backyard, then you can order a grill today by visiting the Gather Grill store.

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When Jed Strange bought a fire pit in February of 2020, he had no idea that it was about to inspire him to create one of the most innovative multi-function outdoor cooking devices available today.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown closing operations at Strange Farms, a family-run corporate and private retreat venue, Jed found himself with some extra time on his hands. He sat down and looked at his new fire pit. His goal of gathering people around it physically was put on hold, but the desire for connection remained.
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