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Getting Started with the Gather Grill

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Excited to try out your new Gather Grill and want some basic tips? Thinking about purchasing a Grill and want to learn more about it?

In this video, founder Jed Strange invites you into his own backyard to experience the Gather Grill. He explains the different components of the grill and what makes them special, gets the fire going, and cooks a variety of foods.

Learn how to care for the grill, how to clean it, and how to ensure your next gathering is a memorable one filled with warmth, flavor, and fellowship. See how to cook everything from grilled beets to tuna steaks to apple pie. Watch now:

More about the Gather Grill

The Gather Grill is an innovative new fire pit that brings together some of time’s oldest traditions: food, fire, and fellowship. Each fire pit provides flexibility for a variety of occasions and can serve five basic functions:

  • Fire pit
  • Grill
  • Griddle
  • Smoker
  • Table

The Gather Grill is available in four different sizes to fit the size of your gathering.

28″ Tailgater

Designed for smaller gatherings, the Tailgater seats up to five friends and can cook for ten or more diners at a time. The Tailgater is just right if you usually grill for four to six people but sometimes host for bigger groups.

Learn more about the Tailgater >

35″ Pioneer

Tailored toward the more typical cookout crowd, this table grill seats up to six friends and can easily feed 14 or more. The Pioneer is suited for the grill master who regularly cooks for six diners but also wants the ability to grill for the bigger holiday or birthday crowd. 

Learn more about the Pioneer >

39″ Entertainer

Is a group of twenty standard for your kind of party? This beauty has a greater capacity than nearly all other ceramic, charcoal or gas grills. Seven friends can sit at the Entertainer while the chef easily cooks up enough food for the whole party.

Learn more about the Entertainer >

46″ Reunion

Are you known for hosting epic events? Always anchor the family reunion? Cook for the football team? You can make the next homecoming an unforgettable celebration with our largest grill. This beast has seating for nine people and can cook 70 hamburgers at once. Oh yeah.

Learn more about the Reunion >

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About us

When Jed Strange bought a fire pit in February of 2020, he had no idea that it was about to inspire him to create one of the most innovative multi-function outdoor cooking devices available today.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown closing operations at Strange Farms, a family-run corporate and private retreat venue, Jed found himself with some extra time on his hands. He sat down and looked at his new fire pit. His goal of gathering people around it physically was put on hold, but the desire for connection remained.
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