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39″ Entertainer


At 39” the Entertainer is our second largest, giving it greater capacity than nearly all other ceramic, charcoal or gas grills. The Entertainer is a perfect fit for larger outdoor areas and a full audience.

Nine (9) friends can sit at the Entertainer while the chef easily cooks up enough food for the whole cast. If your friends have come to call you Mr. Grill Master, the Entertainer is the perfect addition to your outdoor recreation zone. The Entertainer features 3 cooking zones and a warming rack.

Picture Perfect

The Entertainer comes with a warming rack and can includes 1 grate, 2 griddles, and 1 smoking hood. With the table fully extended, the diameter of the Entertainer reaches 72 inches. Like all our grills, the adjustable legs allow you to set the table height between 28″-34”. Weighing in at 495 pounds, you’ll want to make sure your entertainment epicenter is set on solid ground.

The Center of Attention

The Entertainer welcomes guests with space to seat nine people around the table. The warming rack, a feature only available on the Entertainer and the Reunion, gives you 346 square inches of additional space to keep the party going.

Grills made in the USA

Stainless Steel or IPE Brazilian Hardwood?

Tables are available in either Stainless Steel or Ipe Brazilian hardwood. The 304 Stainless Steel gives the grill a rugged, commercial look that will last for years. The steel holds more heat than the Ipe Hardwood, so we recommend using coasters and placemats for a better dining experience. The extra warmth can be great for cooler climates.

Ipe Brazilian hardwood is premium table top and built from one of the best wood products on the planet. It is resistant to rot, weather, and fire. The wood is twice as dense as most other woods and lasts for decades with proper care. Ipe wood also stays cooler than steel and provides a warm and beautiful look to your firepit table.

The Entertainer Puts on a Show

The Entertainer boasts a production capacity worthy of applause. You’ll enjoy 1,193 square inches of cooking area and 795 square inches for smoking and baking. This grill can handle 50 hamburgers, 28 rib-eyes, 7 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or 4 full briskets. Feel free to show off!

The Grand Finale

After the feast, your guests will be anxious to get to the final act and spark that fire pit. Simply remove the cooking insert and throw a little more fuel on the fire to extend the evening.

Level Up or Right-Size?

If the Entertainer still sounds like a starter model, then you’re ready for our largest grill, the 46” Reunion. If it’s a little too much, you’ll find your perfect fit with the Pioneer or the Tailgater.
Gather Grills Comparison Chart Feb 2022
Gather Grill Cooking Space Comparison Chart


Andy and Lori P

We are so in love with this Christmas Present! This Gather Grill is about the coolest thing I've seen. It has so many options and can grill as little or as much as you want to feed a "gathering" of friends and family! It's a great conversation piece but even better grilling machine! Absolutely our favorite so far! Very unique custom design yields great food! Great job Jed Strange! ItÕs a keeper!

1 year ago
Brett G

I've been able to cook on and enjoy dining on Gather Grills with groups of friends. I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends around the table while cooking and enjoying food together. Plus when all the eating is done we get to chill around a fire pit! So great!

1 year ago
Kristin F

Everyone gathers around food. it's human nature. but to be able to experience cooking together, eating together, and talking with each other all at the same time is awesome! Plus, so many of us love the outdoors, and the gather grills keep you nice and toasty even on the coolest evenings. I cannot say enough great things about my meals and time spend with friends around the Grills!

1 year ago
Donna F

I've used this grill quite a few times having different friends over. We've had great food and fellowship. All have said "Let's do it again and I'll bring the food."
Can't wait until the next gathering.

1 year ago
Courtney T

My family loved our grilling experience both in a small setting of just family and then again in a larger setting with multiple families. These grills draw people together over the work of cooking and conversations flow. A wonderful experience! Bringing all the people together- not just the grill master!

1 year ago
Elizabeth C

The Gather Grill is worth every penny because of its versatility in uses and long term sturdy build.

1 year ago
Ashley V

Love love love cooking, hanging, & eating around the gather grills! Great mix of delicious food & quality fellowship!

2 years ago
Tamra M

I have loved my experience with the Gather Grill. I've flipped pancakes, made pizza, cobbler, and many other things that highlight its versatility. But my favorite thing about it is the opportunity it creates for fellowship. When you can invite people to cook, eat, and relax around the same space, you get more than a grill, you get a centerpiece for hosting and entertaining. I've yet to be disappointed.

2 years ago

Good for any event, experience or gathering. All round good time

2 years ago
Edgar S

The grill is so well-designed and versatile. You can grill, smoke, fry or cook conventionally on it. There's room to sit around the grill and eat what you cook while staying warm. It's a great addition to anyone's back yard!

2 years ago

Gather Grills has changed the way we 

cook outdoors

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