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Short on space but heavy on real-life face time? The Tailgater is for you. The 28” Tailgater is our smallest and most portable grill size. However, it is still larger than many charcoal or gas grills you’ll find on the market. It fits perfectly on smaller decks or patios and would be just right for less spacious yards.

Designed for smaller gatherings, the Tailgater seats up to five friends and can cook for ten or more diners at a time. The Tailgater is just right if you usually grill for four to six people but sometimes host for bigger groups. If you are considering taking your grill to the campsite or your property doesn’t have a lot of space, you can still get all the benefits of the all-in-one Gather Grill with the Tailgater.

Gathering a little larger group? Take a look at the Pioneer. This 35” grill table is the next size up from the Tailgater. Even though it’s our second smallest grill, it’s still larger than most ceramic, charcoal, or gas grills. The Pioneer is designed for normal sized back yards, decks and patios.

Tailored toward the more typical cookout crowd, this table grill seats up to six friends and can easily feed 14 or more. The Pioneer is suited for the grill master who regularly cooks for six to eight diners but also wants the ability to grill for the bigger holiday or birthday crowd. If you’ve got a larger family or core group of friends you like to gather together, the Pioneer could be the perfect size for you.

Is a group of twenty standard for your kind of party? Enter the Entertainer. At 39” this grill is our second largest size, giving it greater capacity than nearly all other ceramic, charcoal or gas grills. The Entertainer is a perfect fit for larger outdoor areas and a full audience.

Seven friends can sit at the Entertainer while the chef easily cooks up enough food for the whole cast. If your friends have come to call you Mr. Grill Master, the Entertainer is the perfect addition to your outdoor recreation zone.

Are you known for hosting epic events? Always anchor the family reunion? Cook for the football team? You can make the next homecoming an unforgettable celebration with our largest grill, the 46” Reunion. This grill is comparable in size to industrial pull-behind cookers.

The Reunion offers the ultimate grilling/smoking/griddling experience for your friends and family and is the perfect investment for a commercial enterprise that frequently cooks for large crowds. If you don’t mess around when it comes to your get-togethers, you’ll want to bring the Reunion home to meet the family.

Starter package with expanded metal rotating grate, table top with foldable shelves, charcoal/wood grate and 1-3 charcoal boxs depending on model.

Fully loaded (with interchangeable grates, hood(s), placemats, coasters, ash scooper and cover)

A Tabletop Grill,
Right-Sized for You

The Tailgater comes with the fire bowl, table, and can accommodate any combination of two grill grates, griddles, or hoods. When the table wings are extended, it brings the total diameter to 54 inches. Without the casters the grill sits 23” off the ground, and with the casters it moves up to 29”. The total weight of the Tailgater is 280 pounds, but it disassembles and reassembles for easier transport.

Get Comfortable

Your Tailgater will arrive with five heat-resistant placemats, five stainless steel coasters, and a weather-resistant cover. It is an ideal size for getting started with Gather Grills or as an additional grill for camping, the lake house, or even more seating to complement one of the larger grills for your bigger events.

Don’t Underestimate the Tailgater

The Tailgater is a small but mighty outdoor cooking powerhouse. It features 615 square inches of grilling capacity and 307 square inches of baking or smoking space. It can cook up to 25 burgers at the same time. The Tailgater can handle 14 rib-eyes, two Boston Butts, two racks of ribs or one brisket.

Tailgater Power-Ups

Want more out of your Tailgater? Consider adding some additional grill bars or grill griddles. You can also add on extra hoods, more coasters, more placements, and spare covers separately.

Need to Spread Out?

Tailgater not quite enough for your larger crew? Check out the
35” Pioneer, 39” Entertainer or
the 46” Reunion.

35” Pioneer

Room to Relax

The Pioneer comes with the fire bowl, table, and can accommodate any combination of two grill grates, griddles, or hoods. When the table is open and ready for guests, the full width is 61 inches. The grill table sits 23” off the ground without the casters and 29” with the casters. The Pioneer weighs 415 pounds, but can be moved short distances over solid surfaces by using the casters.

Let the Pioneer be Your Entertainment Trailblazer

Like the other grill sizes, the Pioneer comes with heat-resistant placemats (6) and stainless steel coasters (6), as well as a weather-resistant cover. If you love to grill and also want the capacity to get into some serious smoking, get your ribs, brisket, turkey, or pork shoulder ready for the Pioneer.

Fire Up the Pioneer for a Crowd

The Pioneer offers an impressive cooking capacity. You’ll get 961 square inches of wide open space for grilling and 480 square inches to roam for baking or smoking. The Pioneer won’t let you down; it can grill 40 hamburgers at once, 22 rib-eyes, 4 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or two briskets

Make Your Own Path

The Pioneer comes with everything you need to get cooking for your fellow grilling explorers, but if you want to add on some extra grill grates or griddles, another half hood, or other accessories, we’ve got you covered.

A man cooking sausages and skewers on a gather grill while other mill around.

Hold Your Horses!

Does the Pioneer sound great, but still not enough for your neighborhood party or big birthday events? Take a look at the 39” Entertainer or the 46” Reunion. Maybe the Pioneer is too much grill. You can always scale back to the Tailgater.

39” Entertainer

Picture Perfect

The Entertainer comes with a warming rack and can accommodate any combination of 3 grates, griddles, or smoking hoods. With the table fully extended, the diameter of the Entertainer reaches 65 inches. Like all our grills, the table height is 23” without casters and 29” with casters. Weighing in at 495 pounds, you’ll want to make sure your entertainment epicenter is set on solid ground.

The Center of Attention

The Entertainer welcomes guests with seven heat-resistant placemats and seven stainless steel coasters, and you can close the curtain at the end of the night with the protective grill cover. The warming rack, a feature only available on the Entertainer and the Reunion, gives you 346 square inches of additional space to keep the party going.

The Entertainer Puts on a Show

The Entertainer boasts a production capacity worthy of applause. You’ll enjoy 1,193 square inches of cooking area and 795 square inches for smoking and baking. This grill can handle 50 hamburgers, 28 rib-eyes, 7 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or 4 full briskets. Feel free to show off!

The Grand Finale

After the feast, your guests will be anxious to get to the final act and spark that fire pit. Extra grates, hoods and other accessories are available for the Entertainer, but you can save that thought for the second showing. For now, raise your glass and let the fire be the star.

Level Up or Right-Size?

If the Entertainer still sounds like a starter model, then you’re ready for our largest grill, the 46” Reunion. If it’s a little too much, you’ll find your perfect fit with the Pioneer or the Tailgater.

46” Reunion

A cooked pizza served on an otherwise empty gather grill

The Gathering Zone

The Reunion comes with a warming rack and can accommodate any combination of 4 grill grates, griddles, and hoods. Its height including casters is 29”. The total width with the removable table shelves in place reaches 72 inches, so give your group some space.

All Together Now

The Reunion comfortably seats eight guests at the grill table and comes with eight heat-resistant placemats and eight stainless steel coasters, as well as a cover to protect your new friend from the elements. With your size of crowd, you’ll be glad you have the warming rack, which provides 470 square inches of additional space.

Three people cooking various vegetables and chicken in the individual four sections.
Barbequed meat being basted on a gather grill while other cuts rest on the side

The Reunion Can
Dish It Out

When it comes to satisfying a hungry crowd, the Reunion is ready. With 1,661 square inches of cooking area and 1,246 square inches for smoking and baking, feel free to plan appetizers, the main course, side dishes and dessert. The Reunion serves it up with a capacity for 70 hamburgers, 38 rib-eyes, 12 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or 6 full briskets. You can master a feast for a festival-sized event on the Reunion.

Go Ahead and Expand Your Guest List

The Reunion is the perfect tool for bringing together large groups of people. As your new home base, the Reunion can supply what you need to feed your hungry team. Its high-capacity capability can serve your extended family, neighborhood events, church picnics, civic groups and more. When the feast is over, turn that grill into a fire pit and break out the marshmallows.

A man and a woman cooking bacon on a gather grill griddle attachment

Only Dedicated
Need Apply

If your motto is the more the merrier, the Reunion will become your new best friend. However, if you prefer a smaller crowd to connect with, but still throw down some serious barbecue, take a look at the Entertainer, the Pioneer or the Tailgater.

You've Got

Pick the perfect size for your crowd.
28" TAILGATER with one of its two sections covered by a lid



35" PIONEER with one of its two sections covered by a lid



39" ENTERTAINER with a raised central warming rack


Large Backyard

46" REUNION with a raised central warming rack


Large Backyard / Commercial


2 months ago
Richard W

Great conversation and food every time I'm around the Gather Grills!!

2 months ago
Donna F

I've used this grill quite a few times having different friends over. We've had great food and fellowship. All have said "Let's do it again and I'll bring the food."
Can't wait until the next gathering.

2 months ago

Great time around the grill. We cooked fresh tuna, burgers, corn on the cob, and for dessert, chocolate fondue! All on the gather grill. Fellowship and foodÑfun times.

2 months ago
Mike P

The Gather Grill is really a great product as it is almost like having an hibachi experience in your backyard. Being able to cook the food while also able to fully engage with many of your family/guests is something I didn't even realize I was missing, until experiencing this product. Also, the lazy-suzan aspect of it takes the onus of the cooking off of one individual and makes it that much more of a shared experience. It is incredibly well-built and you can tell a lot of time and thought went into the design and engineering process.

2 months ago
Elizabeth C

The Gather Grill is worth every penny because of its versatility in uses and long term sturdy build.

Gather Grills has changed the way we 

cook outdoors