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35″ Pioneer Starter Grill and Fire Pit


The Gather Grill provides the ultimate outdoor experience for family and friends. Come together around this innovative grill, griddle, firepit, and table.

The Pioneer is our most popular model and suited for the grill master who regularly cooks for six to eight diners but also wants the ability to grill for a crowd. This model includes the fire pit and grill, and is upgradeable to full Gather Grill 5 in 1 with our parts and accessories.


  • Adjustable height 37 inch steel fire pit 
  • Painted with heat resistant black paint
  • Air intake for oxygen flow 
  • Stainless steel grate for wood or charcoal
  • Large handles for mobility
  • Stainless steel ring with branded cover plates and a lazy susan sub-grate that holds two half bar grates for a 35” diameter cooking surface

Upgrade your Gather Grill

What makes the Gather Grill special?

The Gather Grill turns your entire evening into an experience. Cooking dinner becomes a shared endeavor, with people sitting around the table enjoying food as soon as it comes off the grill. The grill and griddle is actually a lazy Susan, so the grill can spin all the way around.

The Gather Grill is extremely versatile. Want to slow cook brisket or ribs? You can do that with the grill and the smoker hood. Want to make breakfast over the fire? Cook up those eggs, bacon, and pancakes on the griddle. Grilling steaks? Oh yeah. Baking a pie? Of course! And once the food is all done, you can remove the grill and griddle to create a wide-open fire pit.

Not only is each Gather Grill flexible, but they are also built with the highest quality standards. Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel, these grills are meant to last a lifetime. It’s the last firepit/grill/griddle/smoker you’ll ever need.

Grills made in the USA

The Pioneer Gives You Room to Relax

The Pioneer fire bowl can accommodate any combination of two grill grates, griddles, or smoking hoods. When the table wings are installed and ready for guests, the full width is 68 inches and can comfortably sit 8 guests. The grill table sits 28”-34″ off the ground based on the adjustable leg heights. The Pioneer weighs 415 pounds, but can be moved short distances over solid surfaces by using the casters.

Fire Up the Pioneer for a Crowd

The Pioneer offers an impressive cooking capacity. You’ll get 961 square inches of wide open space for grilling and 480 square inches to roam for baking or smoking. The Pioneer won’t let you down; it can grill 40 hamburgers at once, 22 rib-eyes, 4 Boston or racks of ribs, or 2 briskets. 

If you love to grill and also want the capacity to get into some serious smoking, get your ribs, brisket, turkey, or pork shoulder ready for the Pioneer.

Gather the Family around the Grill

Make Your Own Path

Want to upgrade your Pioneer cooking experience? We’ve got you covered. Add the smoking/baking hood, a waterproof cover, our Lazy Susan center cover and more! Check out our full line of accessories >

Specifications for the Pioneer

The Standard Pioneer package includes the following:

  • Seating space for 8 people
  • 35” diameter fire pit
  • 68” diameter table
  • 961 square inches of total grilling space (half grill, half griddle)
  • Cooking capacity: 40 burgers, 22 rib-eyes, 4 Boston butts, 4 racks of ribs, or 2 briskets
  • 360 degree rotation with lazy Susan grill
  • Adjustable legs set the table height between 28″-34”
  • Each leg sits on wheels, making it easy to move around your patio, deck, or yard
  • 415 pounds total weight

Looking for More?

Does the Pioneer sound great, but still not enough for your neighborhood party or big birthday events? Take a look at the 39” Entertainer or the 46” Reunion. Maybe the Pioneer is too much grill. You can always scale back to the 28″ Tailgater. Plus you can checkout some of our favorite upgrades:

Gather Grills Comparison Chart Feb 2022
Gather Grill Cooking Space Comparison Chart


Kristin F

Everyone gathers around food. it's human nature. but to be able to experience cooking together, eating together, and talking with each other all at the same time is awesome! Plus, so many of us love the outdoors, and the gather grills keep you nice and toasty even on the coolest evenings. I cannot say enough great things about my meals and time spend with friends around the Grills!

1 year ago
Elizabeth C

The Gather Grill is worth every penny because of its versatility in uses and long term sturdy build.

1 year ago
Tamra M

I have loved my experience with the Gather Grill. I've flipped pancakes, made pizza, cobbler, and many other things that highlight its versatility. But my favorite thing about it is the opportunity it creates for fellowship. When you can invite people to cook, eat, and relax around the same space, you get more than a grill, you get a centerpiece for hosting and entertaining. I've yet to be disappointed.

1 year ago

Good for any event, experience or gathering. All round good time

1 year ago
Nate D

This is just not a cooking device. It's an experience!

2 years ago
Richard W

Great conversation and food every time I'm around the Gather Grills!!

2 years ago

Great time around the grill. We cooked fresh tuna, burgers, corn on the cob, and for dessert, chocolate fondue! All on the gather grill. Fellowship, food, and fun times.

2 years ago
Bruce W

The Gather Grill is like no other grill. It brings people together to experience cooking and life. It is awesome.

2 years ago

Gather Grills has changed the way we 

cook outdoors


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Pioneer Starter Grill and Fire pit35″ Pioneer Starter Grill and Fire Pit