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46″ Reunion Standard Gather Grill


Are you known for hosting epic events? Always anchor the family reunion? Cook for the football team? You can make the next homecoming an unforgettable celebration with our largest grill, the 46” Reunion. This grill is comparable in size to industrial pull-behind cookers.

The Reunion offers the ultimate grilling/smoking/griddling experience for your friends and family and is the perfect investment for a commercial enterprise that frequently cooks for large crowds. If you don’t mess around when it comes to your get-togethers, you’ll want to bring the Reunion home to meet the family.

Included with this model:

  • Adjustable height 48 inch steel fire pit 
  • Painted with heat resistant black paint
  • Air intake for oxygen flow
  • Stainless steel grate for wood or charcoal
  • Large handles for mobility
  • Stainless steel ring with branded cover plates and a lazy susan sub-grate that holds a two ¼ bar grates and two ¼ griddle for a 46” diameter cooking surface
  • Lazy Susan table center
  • Heavy duty casters for mobility
Coastal Gray
Brazilian Walnut

Upgrade your Gather Grill

The Gathering Zone

The Reunion comes with 2 grill grates and 2 griddles. The adjustable legs allow you to set the table height between 28″-34″. The total width with the removable table wingsin place reaches 79 inches, so give your group some space.

All Together Now

The Reunion comfortably seats ten guests at the grill table and is the perfect place to gather for food, fun, friendship and family. Make memories that will last a lifetime around the Reunion.

Three people cooking various vegetables and chicken in the individual four sections.
Grilled Cheese on a Grill Griddle Combo

The Reunion Can
Dish It Out

When it comes to satisfying a hungry crowd, the Reunion is ready. With 1,661 square inches of cooking area and 1,246 square inches for smoking and baking, feel free to plan appetizers, the main course, side dishes and dessert. The Reunion serves it up with a capacity for 70 hamburgers, 38 rib-eyes, 12 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or 6 full briskets. You can master a feast for a festival-sized event on the Reunion.

Stainless Steel or IPE Brazilian Hardwood?

Tables are available in either Stainless Steel or Ipe Brazilian hardwood. The 304 Stainless Steel gives the grill a rugged, commercial look that will last for years. The steel holds more heat than the Ipe Hardwood, so we recommend using coasters and placemats for a better dining experience. The extra warmth can be great for cooler climates.

Ipe Brazilian hardwood is premium table top and built from one of the best wood products on the planet. It is resistant to rot, weather, and fire. The wood is twice as dense as most other woods and lasts for decades with proper care. Ipe wood also stays cooler than steel and provides a warm and beautiful look to your firepit table.

Go Ahead and Expand Your Guest List

The Reunion is the perfect tool for bringing together large groups of people. As your new home base, the Reunion can supply what you need to feed your hungry team. Its high-capacity capability can serve your extended family, neighborhood events, church picnics, civic groups and more. When the feast is over, turn that grill into a fire pit and break out the marshmallows.

A man and a woman cooking bacon on a gather grill griddle attachment

Only Dedicated
Need Apply

If your motto is the more the merrier, the Reunion will become your new best friend. However, if you prefer a smaller crowd to connect with, but still throw down some serious barbecue, take a look at the Pioneer or the Tailgater.

You've Got

Pick the perfect size for your crowd.
Gather Grills Comparison Chart Feb 2022
Gather Grill Cooking Space Comparison Chart


Courtney T

My family loved our grilling experience both in a small setting of just family and then again in a larger setting with multiple families. These grills draw people together over the work of cooking and conversations flow. A wonderful experience! Bringing all the people together- not just the grill master!

2 years ago
Mike P

The Gather Grill is really a great product as it is almost like having an hibachi experience in your backyard. Being able to cook the food while also able to fully engage with many of your family/guests is something I didn't even realize I was missing, until experiencing this product. Also, the lazy-suzan aspect of it takes the onus of the cooking off of one individual and makes it that much more of a shared experience. It is incredibly well-built and you can tell a lot of time and thought went into the design and engineering process.

2 years ago
Lindsay K

The Gather Grill is an amazing agent of connection and community building! Who knew that could be said about a grill? 🙂 We used the Gather Grill under tents on a rainy night in Atlanta...and I don't think I ever saw a group of people so content to hang out for so long in bad weather! It was such a fun night, and enabled people to really connect over the shared experience of cooking food together, which was especially sweet during the long months of the pandemic during which it's just harder to gather indoors. These grills really turn the preparation of a meal from a solo event to a shared activity that brings fun, conversation and connection.

3 years ago

Gather Grills has changed the way we 

cook outdoors

Table Type

Poly Lumber, Hardwood

Reunion 46" Fire Pit with Grill Griddle and Table46″ Reunion Standard Gather Grill
Coastal Gray
Brazilian Walnut
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