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outdoor hibachi grill for the home

Outdoor Hibachi Grill - The Ultimate Guide

Bring the Fun to Your Backyard with an Outdoor Hibachi Grill for Your Home

Does your family love hibachi grills?  It’s hard to be in a bad mood in the fun-filled environment of restaurants featuring hibachi grills.

These restaurants make for a great dinner out with family and friends. But what if you could bring the entertainment home with a Japanese charcoal grill right in your own backyard?

Introducing the Gather Grill – This fire pit with rotating grill and griddle cook top and surrounding table makes for the ultimate outdoor Hibachi Grill for your backyard.

outdoor hibachi grill for the home

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Video: Getting Started with an Outdoor Hibachi Grill

Wondering what it is really like to cook on the Gather Grill? In this video, Chef Jarvis cooks 3 incredible stir fry meals on the ultimate outdoor hibachi grill. Learn more about these stir fry recipes in this article.

The Benefits of Cooking on Outdoor Hibachi Grills at Home

When you visit a Hibachi restaurant, the aroma of ginger and garlic invite to you to the table. The sound of sizzling beef fills the air. The laughter of families turns to cheers as someone catches the flying shrimp in their mouth. You can almost taste the sweet and savory seafood sauce and feel the tender, perfectly cooked filet on your tongue.

So why cook at home when you can go out? For dedicated grill masters, there’s no comparing the experience of crafting your own perfect recipes for the grill and sharing them with your loved ones. When it comes to a Japanese charcoal grill experience, it just can’t be matched by restaurant hibachi grills that use only a gas or electric powered griddle.

Food Allergies and Quality Control: The Advantage of Home Outdoor Hibachi Grills.

One significant advantage of becoming your own chef with a hibachi grill for your home is that you can carefully control the ingredients. With widespread food allergies becoming a more frequent concern, going out to eat is more and more challenging for many families. When you’re in charge, potentially fatal shellfish or peanut allergies are no longer a concern. Neither are gluten or MSG reactions. You can also control the food quality. With your outdoor hibachi grill for your home, you can select only the highest quality meats and seafood your family deserves.

The Cost Savings of a Hibachi Grill for Your Home

Another advantage of creating your home hibachi grill experience is cost. Feeding a larger family or group at a restaurant is a pricey outing, easily running into the hundreds of dollars for a single meal. By investing in a hibachi grill for your home, you can have that fun and delicious experience as often as you’d like, without worrying about the hefty bill and tip that dining out requires.

Home Hibachi Grills: Get Ready for the Memories

For many families, the ingredient and cost control advantages are great benefits, but what really matters is the memories. When you’re fixing a hibachi-style grill meal for your friends and family, you get to be the star. You can be as creative as you’d like, becoming a celebrity chef for those who gather around your table. With the unique style of Gather Grills, your dining companions join you at the grill, just as in a restaurant. If you want to put on a show for them, you can. Or you can simply connect as you cook, inviting each person to be a part of the experience, catching up, celebrating and just being together in a memory-making evening every time.

Home Hibachi Grills: Your Options for Griddle Cooktops with Your Grill

If you search for griddle cook tops for your grill, you may come up short on choices. There are four main styles you’ll find: cast iron, stoneware, single unit griddles and stainless steel pans. Stainless Steel offers the best combination of quality and functionality, so each Gather Grill comes with a 304 Grade Stainless Steel griddle that provides an incredible hibachi experience.

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Several pancakes being cooked in a cast iron skillet on a grill

Cast Iron Griddles

Flat cast iron griddles can be added to charcoal and propane grills. They typically must be placed over the metal grate. Cast iron offers a certain level of stick resistance and is a top-notch heat conductor. However, it can be challenging to get good heat control on cast iron and some foods may end up cooking too fast. They also tend to be on the small side, typically ranging from the size of a typical sheet of paper up to around 28” x 14”. On the larger end it is a decent size, but it may be smaller than you would want for a hibachi grill for your home, depending on the number of guests. They are also quite heavy for their size, up to 25 pounds or more for the larger ones.

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A Family gilling varieties of items

Stoneware Griddles

Stoneware griddles, including the type often sold as an add-on for high quality egg-style charcoal grills, are another popular type of griddle. They provide a nice, smooth cooking surface for dry items such as pizza crusts and cookies. However, they stain easily and only develop some stick resistance over time, making them a poor choice for grilling meats or anything with a sauce. Anything moist will stick impossibly to a stoneware surface. They are also fragile, and may shatter easily if dropped, especially if they are hot. Stoneware definitely has its place in outdoor cooking, but not for a home hibachi grill experience.

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Single Unit Griddles as Home Hibachi Grills

Not an add-on or a topper, single unit grills are actually propane-fueled grills with a large, flat stainless steel griddle as the primary cooking surface. They offer a significant amount of space, easily meeting the needs of a home chef looking for a hibachi grill for the home to use for feeding a crowd. These units are griddles only; they are not griddle cook tops with a grill, so it’s not a good choice if you also want the option of a traditional cookout with those classic grill marks. They are also only available as gas-fueled units. If you prefer the aroma and flavor profile of charcoal, single-unit griddles will not be able to deliver.

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A variety of items being cooked on a Stainless Steel Griddle Pans

Stainless Steel Griddle Pans

Your final option for creating a home hibachi grill experience is a stainless steel pan. These griddles are lightweight, strong and can offer non-stick capabilities when an appropriate amount of fat is used. They are the most like restaurant hibachi grills that you can achieve with a charcoal grill. While stainless steel is lightweight, you won’t want to choose a pan that is too light, such as a cookie sheet that is used in the oven, or you may encounter safety issues. The Gather Grills’ stainless steel griddle pan has enough strength and weight to offer the best Japanese charcoal grill experience you want without the cooking surface slipping or shifting while being used.

The stainless steel griddle pan included with all sizes of Gather Grills units offers the benefit of being both strong and lightweight. It can be just as stick resistant as the hibachi grills you find in restaurants, and as it is used with a charcoal or wood fuel source, it gives you that aroma and flavor profile that the commercial hibachi grills cannot offer.

Outdoor Hibachi Grills Quality: From Entry Level to Grill Mastery

When it comes to outdoor hibachi grills, you’ll find a huge range in quality.

Low-End Grill Choices

Unfortunately, there are lot of less-than stellar models on the market. Cheap, thin, metal grills are common. Very lightweight grills may be tempting due to being very portable, but that same benefit becomes a drawback when you realize how easily they – and their flaming hot contents – can be tipped over. Smaller grills are also not equipped to handle the heavy griddles required for a home hibachi grill experience. These entry level grills might allow you to cook for a few people a time or two before they start rusting, but these small grills will not give you the epic backyard cooking adventure you’re looking for if you want to produce a true home hibachi grill event.

High-End Grill Options

On the other end of the spectrum, you have heavy-hitters like the Big Green Egg for charcoal buffs and Weber for gas grill enthusiasts. At the higher end (and significantly higher price tag) you’ll find excellent quality, but for the most part your grill is going to be staying right where you put it. Large egg-style grills weigh enough to make moving them even an inch a huge production of time and effort. Gas grills are definitely more portable, but also bring with them greater safety concerns, as gas grills cause nearly seven times more home fires every year than charcoal grills. [] With either of these choices you will need to purchase one of the add-on griddle cooktops with your grill if you want a home hibachi grill meal.

Gather Grills: The Ultimate Choice for Quality and Versatility in Home Hibachi Grills.

It’s rare to find an outdoor hibachi grill for the home that is large enough to cook for a crowd and has the option to turn that griddle into a traditional grill and more. Standard grills also do not offer the ability to turn the cook tops with the grill into a table that true hibachi-style meals always include. This is where the rare quality and unique design of Gather Grills serves the home chef who both loves to host and spend time together with their guests.

With Gather Grills, you’re getting more than just a rugged, durable outdoor cooking device. In addition to the stainless steel griddle which offers the active cooking experience of hibachi grills, Gather Grills can also function as a smoker, firepit and table as well as a traditional grill. Its unique removable table wings offer the chef additional workspace to hold ingredients or tools, as well as providing a place for others to gather around, sit, and enjoy a drink or an appetizer. Much like the hibachi grills in restaurants, Gather Grills brings the diners into the preparation process, making the cooking as enjoyable as the eating.

The versatility of Gather Grills is unmatched in the world of backyard barbecues, offering all the benefits of multiple cooktops with grill capabilities including the unique flavor of a Japanese charcoal grill. So go ahead and cook up your rice for fried rice, marinate your chicken or shrimp and get ready to have the home hibachi grill experience of a lifetime.

Home Hibachi Grills and Beyond: The Value of Gather Grills

With other grills capable of delivering a hibachi restaurant experience at home, they cannot offer the value of the Gather Grill. This single investment can be griddle, grill, smoker, firepit and table. Instead of buying (and then also having to store) multiple devices, you can have them all rolled into one.

Gather Grills are large enough to cook for your usual crowd, sitting 7 people for small family gatherings on the Tailgater 28” version, on up to 20 or 30 guests at a time for your really big celebrations on the 46” Reunion model. One of the best parts is that the griddle cook surface is not an additional add-on expense with Gather Grills. It is part of the package, offering the ultimate flexible outdoor cooking experience.

outdoor hibachi grill for the home

A Home Hibachi Grill Meal Worth Toasting

Once you’re finished adding your own unique flair to a hibachi-style cooking experience for your guests, serve them up a bowl of fried rice and teriyaki chicken. Maybe you warmed a little sake on the side. You and your guests can then use the grill you just used to prepare the meal as the dining table, keeping the whole group together through the entire experience. After dinner, open up the grill to reveal the firepit and treat your family and friends to a dining adventure that no restaurant can match. With the ultimate outdoor cooking experience offered by Gather Grills, having a hibachi grill for your home becomes a true memory-maker. Raise your cup of sake or green tea and toast your friendships with a hearty “kanpai!”

Warm Up to Your New Multi-Talented Grill

One concept, endless potential for your outdoor hibachi grill experience

Praise for Gather Grills

Grill masters know a charcoal-fueled meal isn’t just about great tasting food. Here’s what our customers are saying about the Gather Grills experience.

Andy and Lori P

We are so in love with this Christmas Present! This Gather Grill is about the coolest thing I've seen. It has so many options and can grill as little or as much as you want to feed a "gathering" of friends and family! It's a great conversation piece but even better grilling machine! Absolutely our favorite so far! Very unique custom design yields great food! Great job Jed Strange! ItÕs a keeper!

2 years ago
Brett G

I've been able to cook on and enjoy dining on Gather Grills with groups of friends. I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends around the table while cooking and enjoying food together. Plus when all the eating is done we get to chill around a fire pit! So great!

2 years ago
Kristin F

Everyone gathers around food. it's human nature. but to be able to experience cooking together, eating together, and talking with each other all at the same time is awesome! Plus, so many of us love the outdoors, and the gather grills keep you nice and toasty even on the coolest evenings. I cannot say enough great things about my meals and time spend with friends around the Grills!

2 years ago
Donna F

I've used this grill quite a few times having different friends over. We've had great food and fellowship. All have said "Let's do it again and I'll bring the food."
Can't wait until the next gathering.

2 years ago
Courtney T

My family loved our grilling experience both in a small setting of just family and then again in a larger setting with multiple families. These grills draw people together over the work of cooking and conversations flow. A wonderful experience! Bringing all the people together- not just the grill master!

3 years ago
It takes a grill of distinction to make

A Meal of Memories