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Come Together with the Ultimate Outdoor Grill Table

How Much Grill Do You Need?

From the smaller, more intimate gatherings to the large-scale family reunion, Gather Grills can meet the needs of any size crowd. Here are the sizes of tabletop grills we offer. Click for more detailed information and to learn how to order.

Family Face Time around the Grill

Gather Grill Bundles:

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A Tabletop Grill Designed for Maximum Face Time

We’ve always noticed that people are naturally at ease around a fire, so creating a table grill that truly gives guests a seat at the table was one of his top priorities. This one-of-a-kind multi-function outdoor grill table isn’t just about great food; it’s about great relationships. Taking advantage of the natural bond-building energy of a fire pit, Gather Grills means cook time is also face time. So disconnect from technology for a few hours and reconnect with those special people that truly make this life worth living.

 Much of life happens on a schedule. Why not schedule regular real-life downtime with your friends and give priority people priority time? Gather Grills makes it easy to make the most of your precious get-togethers. As mealtime approaches, if you don’t already have something slow-roasting using the smoker function of your Gather Grill, your guests can have a seat as you fire it up and get the grill preheated. There’s no need to disrupt your brother’s latest hunting story or your uncle’s hottest stock tip; Gather Grills lets everyone keep the story going. 

Gather Grills lets Everyone Keep the Story Going

Gather Grills allows you to bring up to ten friends right up to the grill table and cook for up to 30 people at a time. If you usually find yourself at smaller gatherings, we’ve got you covered there, too. Whether it’s an intimate group of friends or a full-fledged family reunion, your Gather Grill will keep the food coming and the guests connecting.

Rent a Grill Fire Pit for Event

A Grill Table Inspired by the Past, Designed for the Future

In centuries and millennia past, gathering around a fire meant having the safety and connection of family, fellow tribe members, and new friends. By sharing precious and sometimes scarce food resources, these fire gatherings were a show of trust, camaraderie, and togetherness. Feasting around the fire was as essential to our ancestors as any promise or peace treaty. It was a physical demonstration of how important we are to each other.

Spoiler alert: it still is. And everyone knows it.

This is why the backyard barbecue is still one of the most popular ways to gather together. This is why no matter what type of diet you follow, the aroma of the charcoal smoldering and the flavor it brings to food is well-loved by just about anyone, from a vegetarian feasting on a grilled mushroom burger to a carnivore digging into a rack of ribs. 

Gather Grills brings this timeless tradition into the present and the future with its unique design allowing the proud owner a way to draw everyone together and prepare their favorite dishes in a variety of different ways. You can grill, smoke, and griddle your way through dinner while your friends and family enjoy their appetizers and drinks right at the grill table with you, enjoy their feast, and then kick back around the fire pit without ever having to leave their chair.

The Benefits of an All-In-One Outdoor Grill Table

Grilled burgers and steaks, vegetable kabobs, smoked Boston Butt, beer can chicken, wings, brats, and hotdogs are just the beginning when it comes to America’s obsession with outdoor entertaining. You can find many great grilling options on the market today, from gas grills to charcoal grills to propane-powered griddles. There are even those that combine grilling and smoking, or grilling and a fire pit, or a fire pit and a table. But no other product on the market offers the all-in-one benefits of Gather Grills. Let’s dig into each of its functions.


Right on the heels of grilling, smoked food is also continuing to gain in popularity. Smoked meats are not quite as ancient as grilled, but smoking was used historically to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration. Fish was likely the first meat to be smoked (smoked salmon, anyone?) with others quickly following as we learned how beneficial – and delicious – smoked meats are. It’s hard for anyone to resist the heavenly aroma of meats cooked slowly surrounded by the smoky flavors of maple, applewood, hickory, and more. The growth of barbecue restaurants in the United States shows how much we love our smoked brisket, pulled pork, and chicken. But in true independent American fashion, more and more BBQ aficionados are trying their own hand at this art. When you’re craving that mouthwatering, fall-off-the-bone tender, sweet, savory, or spicy flavors of meat slowly smoked for hours – or in some cases days – nothing else can compete. A smoked rack of ribs is the perfect complement to your cousin’s famous mac n’ cheese and corn on the cobb fresh from the farmer’s market. You can hone your favorite smoked meat recipe to perfection when you have your own smoker. But thanks to Gather Grills, you don’t have to purchase a separate smoker. You can grill some steaks while that Boston Butt is finishing up its long smoke soak on a single piece of equipment. o.

Outdoor Skillet/Griddle

As outdoor cooking and entertaining increases, many grill owners have found themselves wanting more. Having an outdoor skillet increases your options and makes cooking certain foods, especially those inappropriate for grilling or that often fall through the grates, now a backyard reality. With a griddle, you can sauté mushrooms, cook bacon, caramelize onions, and more to satisfy the burger topping cravings of all your guests. With a griddle, any meal is made easier. Forbes reports that 11% of grill owners used their grills to make breakfast in the past year. Maybe if more grill owners had a griddle, that number would be even higher. When you need to make breakfast for a crowd, having an outdoor skillet allows you to cook up bacon and eggs, pancakes , and all your other morning favorites that would be impossible to make on a regular grill.

The Only Outdoor Grill Table That Keeps it Together

Before Gather Grills, you had to purchase and store multiple different devices in order to get all those different benefits. Before Gather Grills, no product has offered the full range of cooking, dining, and entertaining options of an all-in-one grill, smoker, griddle, table, and fire pit. Before Gather Grills, the grill master was often on their own, preparing the meal to perfection while the rest of the family and friends talk and catch up. But no more. With its endless options and unique ability to bring your guests together in one place over an all-in-one outdoor grill table, Gather Grills has filled a unique market need. It is truly in a class of its own.

From Fire Bowl to Tabletop Grill: How the Gather Grills Concept Comes Together

While there are many grills, smokers, table grills, griddles, and fire pits on the market, Gather Grills is the only product that combines all these functions and even throws in a rotating grill for food measure. All our grills and grill tables are constructed from 304 stainless steel, making them strong, long-lasting, and giving them top-notch protection from corrosion. Here’s the breakdown of how the table grill that brings people together comes together.

Lighting the Gather Grill

Fire Starting

This is where the magic begins. Each outdoor grill table starts with the steel fire bowl with legs and baffle where your charcoal lumps, briquettes, or wood of choice is held. Casters are included, allowing you to more easily change the location of the grill over a solid surface. Casters will also change the height of the grill, increasing it by six inches. This will give you and your guests more generous leg room under the grill table. The fire bowl is painted with heat resistant paint and includes a charcoal grate and vent tube to aid with airflow control. Once the food has been prepared and served, you can remove the grates and the fire bowl becomes your fire pit. Keep your wood supply stocked because your guests will want to stick around for the after-dinner fireside fun every time.

Grill Table

One of the most innovative features of Gather Grills is the removable shelves that surround the center fire bowl. This shelving allows the grill to become a table for guests and hold tools or food for the grill master. They can be completely removed as needed for transporting the grills or for storage. This blend of functionality and flexibility puts Gather Grills in a class of its own and truly unique among outdoor grill tables. The wood or steel shelves that create the grill table are beautifully stained and weather resistant IPE Hardwood or Cypress, creating a conversation piece for all who Gather ’round!

Personal Chef Service Outdoor Grilling
The Tailgater Gather Grill

Grill Surface Options

The Gather Grills steel subframe holds your grilling surface grates. Here’s where you can really get creative. Every grill comes with standard grilling bar grates and skillet/griddle cooking surfaces. Check out the individual specs for each type of grill (the Tailgater, the Pioneer, the Entertainer, and the Reunion) to review how many sections of each surface come with the table grill. The larger size grills also come with a double decker warming rack to keep food warm while the rest of it is cooking. The grates are made from 304 stainless steel, meaning you won’t need to maintain them with oil. It also makes rust concerns a non-issue. The grates are easy to clean while still hot; simply use your grill brush to scrape off any leftover food and grease, then you’re ready to convert your grill into a fire pit. With Gather Grills, you can choose how much you want to grill and how much you want to fry on the skillet. Half and half? Absolutely. One quarter skillet and three quarters grill? Also yes. You can make the entire cooking area a grill for burgers and brats or turn the entire area into a griddle to fry up a bacon and eggs breakfast for a crowd. Another distinct feature that Gather Grills offers that you won’t find in other grill tables is that the grill table rotates, allowing you to move food over hotter or cooler sections of fire as needed without having to move each individual burger, kabob, or chicken breast. This is another measure of heat control and convenience. The grill rotation offers an easy way to move food between direct and indirect heat if needed or to put different dishes in front of your tabletop grill diners for self-service. The ball bearings that permit the rotating grill are easily maintained by washing them out with grease cutting soap every few uses. This will keep it rolling smoothly and ready to impress your guests. 

Topping it Off

For air flow and temperature control, each table grill has a half or quarter hood with a thermometer built in (see individual product specs for details). At the end of the event, you can protect your grill with its heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover. The cover has an adjustable closure for a secure, custom fit, helping to ensure your grill table gives you and your family years of service. With other grill tables, you often have to purchase a cover separately, but covers are included with Gather Grills.

Smoke Brisket Over Fire Pit

The Details

Like anything in life, the details can make all the difference. We recommend using your Gather Grill with our heat-resistant, stain-resistant, spill-absorbent, and washable felt placemats that feel much softer than regular placemats. To complete the tabletop grill setting, you can also add brushed 304 stainless steel coasters to help you welcome your guests to the grill table. Lastly, we also recommend our handy ash scooper to help make cleanup a breeze.

We are proud of our outdoor grill tables and are not afraid to back them up with a quality guarantee. Our grills come with a one-year warranty and the grill covers include either a one-year or a limited lifetime warranty. With their 304 stainless steel construction, powder coating, and heat resistant paint, your Gather Grill will provide you and your family with years of quality outdoor entertainment. 

Your Outdoor Grill Table: What Size is Right for You?

Ready to learn more about the different grill sizes we offer? All of our grills are large and ready for a party, whether you want to cook a romantic dinner for 2 or cook 50 burgers for a crowd, the Gather Grill is ready.

A Table Grill That is an Investment in Your Home and Your Relationships

Even at first glance, Gather Grills demonstrates excellence in innovation. This multi-function grill table saves space by keeping all functions in one spot. The rotating grill aids in cooking and serving convenience. You will no longer need separate areas for cooking and relaxing, and you also don’t need to find places to store multiple different devices. Also, unlike fire pits that are built into the ground, you can take even the largest grills with you if ever move.

A Gather Grill also offers high value for the money for dedicated outdoor entertainment hosts. Purchasing separate cooking devices or materials for the different functions that Gather Grills provides all in one could cost as much or more than a single Gather Grill. There is no other tabletop grill that offers all these abilities in one unit, and it even brings your guests to the grill along with you.

The grill is often the center of attention at outdoor events, but the way most grills and grill tables are designed, they don’t leave much room for anyone other than the grill master to get in on the action. For many grills, too many gathered around it can actually be dangerous. But with Gather Grills, congregating is encouraged! You’ll soon see that your table grill does so much more than feed your crowd; it brings everyone closer together both in body and in heart.

A gather grill combo loaded with a variety of food wrapped in foil, being tended to by two men.


While Gather Grills is a new concept, the name and history behind it is not. Jed Strange is one of five brothers that run the fully functioning Strange Farms in Ellaville, in southwestern Georgia. [link to Strange Farms website] They run the property along with their parents, who have been married for fifty years. Strange Farms is also a quiet lakeside retreat that can be reserved for private family and corporate events. The Strange family has spent decades working together and bringing people together through this venue.

The focus of Strange Farms is disconnecting from the world in order to re-connect with one another. It has given countless families an unforgettable reunion and companies a way to turn co-workers into trusted friends. This secluded retreat features water recreation, shooting, fishing, and other group-friendly activities designed to help the group members work together, play together, and strengthen those precious human bonds.

The same heart and soul that created the team-building and family-strengthening Strange Farms resort also gave rise to Gather Grills. Jed Strange used his extensive experience in relationship development as the basis for this innovative addition to grill tables and casual outdoor gatherings. He also used his drafting and welding skills to create the first initial prototype, which was tested and tweaked and improved until the final version of Gather Grills was ready for backyards across America.

Drawing upon decades of outdoor cooking, working together, and bringing others together, Jed achieved his vision. This tradition of quality, excellence, and togetherness is the foundation upon which Gather Grills is built. When you bring a Gather Grill home, you’re welcoming a little piece of that history of strength, fellowship and unity into your life. 

A large group of people including men, women and children standing a group and smiling.

Are You Ready for the Memories?

From grill to smoker to skillet to fire pit, Gather Grills offers the ultimate outdoor grill table experience you’ll find in no other product. Other grill tables cannot match the quality, versatility, and ability to bring you closer to your family and friends. It’s not just a cookout when you do it with Gather Grills; it’s a memory in the making. This is the modern-day table grill that our fire-gathering ancestors would make our ancestors proud. 

So lay down the pressures and expectations of the day. Invite your best friends over and gather around the grill. The day-to-day stresses will feel far away as you grow closer to your guests, soaking up the richness of your most important relationships. Bite into your burger with your favorite toppings all prepared right there on your tabletop grill with the whole group. Raise your glass to friends who feel like family and family who feel like friends, and see just how rich life can truly be.

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