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How to Clean Up the Gather Grill

How to Clean Up the Gather Grill

In this article we'll share two different videos: the first demonstrates how to clean up the grill after cooking, and the second will show how to clean out the ash once the fire has cooled off.
How to Set Up the Gather Grill

How to Set Up the Gather Grill

Getting ready to receive your Gather Grill? This video provides an overview on how to set-up your Gather Grill (it's easy!)
How to Build a Smokeless Fire

How to Build a Smokeless Fire in the Gather Grill

Sitting around the fire is an incredible experience, but getting dark smoke in your eyes can be extremely frustrating. If you want to learn how to build a smokeless fire (or at least a fire with very minimal smoke) then we have two awesome methods to share with you. 

How to Fire Up the Gather Grill (less than 1 minute of work)

Cooking with charcoal provides better flavor and a better experience - here's how to get it going in less than 1 minute of work.


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