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The Gather Grills Smoker, Grill, Griddle, Fire Pit Table Adventure

More and more Americans are turning to outdoor living areas for entertaining. This makes your choice of smoker grill combo or tabletop fire pit more important than ever. While there are a multitude of products on the market that grill, griddle, smoke, or act as a fire pit table, who wants to pay for three or four separate devices that all take up space? A simple firepit table or even smoker grill combo won’t cut it anymore when you want to create outdoor get-togethers to remember.

Whether you are planning smaller, more intimate gatherings of close friends, large-scale epic celebrations, or any size event in between, you need a versatile cooking device that can deliver. That’s why Gather Grills has created a revolutionary multi-function smoker, grill, and griddle combo that’s also a wood burning fire pit table. There’s no need to buy five different pieces of equipment; Gather Grills has them all together.

The Gather Grills Concept:
Cooking on a Smoker, Grill, Griddle Fire Pit Table

When you’re planning an outdoor get-together, you don’t want to be limited on how you cook. Grill, griddle, or smoke? With Gather Grills, you don’t have to choose between them anymore. This smoker grill combo also offers a grill skillet so all of your bases are covered. Best of all, you can cook all three ways at the same time.

What Makes a Smoker Grill
Combo Great?

Being able to both grill and smoke on a fire pit table is a no-brainer. While grilling is an outdoor cooking staple, we also love our low-and-slow smoky barbecue. Any grill for the outdoors should be a smoker grill combo or it’s a waste of money; there’s really no need for two separate devices. But what about being able to do them both at the same time? When you have a Gather Grills multi-function cooker, it’s easy to smoke on one side and grill on the other. Burgers, bratwurst, and vegetable kabobs and slow-roasted, smoky pulled pork? Yes, please. But why stop there? Why not also add a grill skillet?

A Grill Griddle Combo

While many products can say they are a smoker grill combo, not many can also claim the title of being a grill griddle combo. Gather Grills proudly offers the ability to do all three. As a grill, skillet, and smoker, our grills provide limitless versatility. Now you can grill your burgers, sauté your onions, and smoke your rack of ribs all on one device. If you’re in the mood to mix it up a bit, you can grill some shrimp and stir up a batch of fried rice on the grill skillet, creating restaurant-style hibachi at home. Don’t forget about breakfast. Bacon and eggs on a regular grill is an impossibility. But with a Gather Grill, skillet cooked scrambled eggs and even pancakes are on the menu.

Rotating Grill Grates and Partial Hoods

Interchangeable, Rotating Grill
Grates and Partial Hoods

One of the unique benefits of a Gather Grills smoker, grill, and griddle combo is the rotating and interchangeable grill grates. Being able to swap out the grates means you can grill, griddle, or smoke on all or just part of the cooking surface. The entire cooking area rotates a full 360 degrees, making it easier than ever to move food from a hotter spot to a cooler area or vice versa without disturbing the food. Partial hoods help you control temperature on the entire grill, skillet, or smoking area, or just a part of it.

The Gather Grills Concept: Entertaining with a Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

Even if Gather Grills decided to stop at being a smoker grill combo with a grill skillet, it would be pretty sweet. But it’s not enough to just be good. To be worthy of your backyard get-togethers, we think a multi-cooker should be truly epic. That’s why Gather Grills is also a fire pit table.

Dining at a Tabletop Fire Pit

When you’re grilling for family and friends, do you often find yourself alone or with only one or two guests hanging out by the grill with you? Isn’t the point of gathering together to be together? At Gather Grills, we think the cooking, eating, and after-dinner socializing should also include the grill master. Each Gather Grill has foldable, removable shelves surrounding the entire grill that act not only as extra space for the cook, but also as a firepit table. Able to seat five to eight diners, your guests can now be part of the entire experience.

Gather the Family around the Grill
a woman is smiling

After Dinner: A Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

The show doesn’t stop just because supper is over. When everyone is finished eating, the grill grates can be removed and firewood added. Your smoker, grill, griddle combo just became a wood burning fire pit table. Break out the marshmallows for the kids, your beverage of choice, and relax. Fire pit table time is downtime, so forget about the week’s (or month’s) stresses and just focus on your guests. Strong relationships are what make life truly joyful, and spending time around a tabletop fire pit is one of thebest ways to leave behind the rest of the world get some real-life face time.

A True Firepit Table Experience

Because Gather Grills run on charcoal, it’s easy to swap to the firepit table experience after cooking. The firewood goes straight into the fire bowl and the evening of togetherness continues. Unlike some gas- fueled versions that try to act like a campfire, Gather Grills offers an authentic firepit table experience. A wood burning fire pit table delivers the warm, crackling, fire and rustic aromas of wood that gas can never duplicate. And when your firepit table is a Gather Grill, that tabletop fire pit that’s roasting your marshmallows also cooked your dinner.
The Tailgater Gather Grill

The Tabletop Fire Pit and Smoker, Grill, Griddle Combo: Why Charcoal?

When you’re shopping for a smoker grill combo or firepit table, you generally have a choice between two fuel sources: gas or charcoal. Many people quickly choose gas over charcoal because they believe it is faster and easier, but that is only partly true. Let’s investigate the truth about gas grilling.

Cooking with Gas: Not Always as Advertised

Gas grills light up fast and are ready to cook in just a few minutes. There’s no ash to scoop out, and raising or lowering the temperature can happen in moments. That’s great, but proponents of gas-fueled grills often don’t talk about the downside. So what are the problems with cooking with gas?

The Close-Knit Classic

One of the chief problems a gas griller can run into is depleting their fuel tank mid-cooking. It can be challenging to tell how much gas is left in the propane tank because the tank itself is quite weighty. This means a spare tank of gas must always be kept on hand. This extra tank must be stored in a convenient place, and once it’s empty it must be returned to the store when you pick up a refill.

Gas doesn’t get hot enough

The vast majority of gas grill and griddle combo devices cannot get hot enough to deliver when you want a seared, crusty, delicious steak that is also medium to rare inside. If you like steak well done, we won’t judge, but you can easily overcook a steak on a gas grill trying to achieve that dark outer sear. A charcoal based grill and griddle combo is really the only choice if you want to get the grill hot enough to produce a steakhouse style filet, rib-eye or T-bone.

Lid doesn’t seal

A common problem with many gas grills is that the lid doesn’t seal completely. This allows heat and precious smoke to escape. This is also a contributing factor to the grill not getting hot enough to get a proper sear on the outside of a steak while still leaving it pink or red on the inside.

There is still clean up

While charcoal gets criticized for requiring clean-up due to the leftover ash, gas grills also require some cleaning. The interior of a gas grill, including the ceramic, metal, or rock plates used to radiate heat also get coated with grease and carbon and need to be scrubbed. The gas jets can also need cleaning, leading us to the next downside of gas grills.

Clogged gas jets

The gas jets and venturi tubes that run between the burner and the control valves can become clogged with grease, spider webs, or other debris. When this happens, the convenient lighting in a snap will not happen. The grill components need to be disassembled while you hunt down exactly where the clog is located. You’ll then need to give the jets or tubes a thorough cleaning. This is a complication that a charcoal grill griddle combo or tabletop fire pit will never run into.

More ways to get clogged

In addition to jets and venturi tubes getting clogged, gas grills can experience buildup and obstructions in other components. The O-ring that helps connect the grill to the tank can also easily get clogged with dirt, debris, and insects. The control valves are also susceptible to debris and need to be cleaned with a thin wire to break up the build-up. Likewise, the burners themselves can get clogged up with burnt food and other debris.

Your Outdoor Grill Table: How Much Grill Do You Need?

From the smaller, more intimate gatherings to the large-scale family reunion, Gather Grills can meet the needs of any size crowd. Here are the sizes of tabletop grills we offer. Click for more detailed information and how to order.

Fire pit with grill griddle and table


Seats 7

Fire pit with table and grill and griddle Pioneer


Seats 8

Reunion 46" Fire Pit with Grill Griddle and Table


Seats 10 / Commercial

Cooking with Charcoal: Beauty in Simplicity

Now that we’ve seen that gas grills are not always the easy, breezy devices that proponents make them out to be, let’s take another look at charcoal. A traditional fuel that is also simple and flexible, you’ll quickly see why Gather Grills chose this fuel for their multi-function smoker, grill, and griddle combo.

It may seem obvious, but be sure your fire pit with grill isn’t too close to your house or other structures. Shoot for at least ten to twenty feet away from plants and other fire hazards.

You’ll want to keep your grill fire pit combo far away from any lower overhanging tree branches. Remember that sparks can fly up from time so if there’s any doubt, trim the branches or put your firepit grille in a different area.

Always make sure that someone is physically present around the grill firepit when there is an active fire. Because Gather Grills is also a fire pit dining table, keeping someone there to keep an eye on things won’t be a problem.

Cut your grill fire pit logs so they are no longer than three-quarters of the pit’s diameter. This will help keep longer logs from accidentally rolling out when they break apart in the fire.

Don’t use lighter fluid or gasoline to start your fire. Get it rolling with softwood, fire starter briquettes, or your leftover smoldering charcoal from cooking dinner on your fire pit grill top.

Restaurant-Style Hibachi at Home

Kan-pai! Who doesn’t love a night out at a Japanese hibachi restaurant? The excitement, the flaming onions, the laughter, and the sizzling shrimp, beef, and chicken all come together in a delicious dinner and show. Have you ever thought of re-creating that experience by trying hibachi at home?

Time to be a Star

Could you transform into a celebrity chef by cooking hibachi at home? With the versatility of Gather Grills, you can entertain your family and friends with your own version of Japanese hibachi at home. Because it’s a grill and griddle combo, the open grill grates can sear up your shrimp and chicken while the grill skillet allows you to crack an egg and whip up some fried rice.

Several steaks being grilled side by side on a gather grill

Hibachi at Home: Better Than a Restaurant?

The benefits of cooking hibachi at home are numerous. Cost savings, ingredient control for sensitive diets, and having the whole experience be completely personalized are just a few. After a few visits dining around your Gather Grills grill skillet and tabletop fire pit, you just might decide that hibachi at home is better than going to a restaurant.

Product Options for Creating Hibachi at Home

You’ll find a number of options for the grill skillet you’ll need for cooking hibachi at home outdoors. What are the differences between these grill griddle combo products, and how does Gather Grills stack up to the others? Read more about re-creating hibachi at home here.

Smoker Grill Combo

A slew of smoker grill combo products are available today. What should you look for in the best
smoker grill combo? What factors make Gather Grills stand out from the rest?

Cooking Flexibility

Have a smoker grill combo is an easy pairing. The versatility of being able to do both opens up culinary doors for the backyard chef. Gather Grills calls this challenge and raises it a grill skillet by producing a griddle, smoker, grill combo. Three’s not a crowd when it comes to cooking outdoors.

Don’t Leave Your Guests Behind

With a smoker grill combo, Gather Grills style, your guests won’t be left in the cold while you do all the work. Let them join in the fun by gathering around the tabletop fire pit you’re cooking on. The foldable, removable shelves that provide the grill master with extra space also serve the diner as a fire pit table.

Exploring Flavor on a Smoker Grill Combo

When it comes to cooking out with charcoal, you can really amp up the flavor by adding different varieties of wood chips. What’s your favorite? Hickory, maple, apple, pecan? You have dozens of choices. Get a quick primer on a few different wood chip types, learn all about your smoker grill combo options, plus find out amazing things you can do with your leftover ash here.

Restaurant-Style Hibachi at Home

Kan-pai! Who doesn’t love a night out at a Japanese hibachi restaurant? The excitement, the flaming onions, the laughter, and the sizzling shrimp, beef, and chicken all come together in a delicious dinner and show. Have you ever thought of re-creating that experience by trying hibachi at home?

The Evolution of the Firepit Table

How did we get from campfires in caves to today’s fire pit table? From Stonehenge to the European arrival in the new world to the post-WWII popularity of backyard grills in United States, the concept of the firepit table has made the rounds. The revolutionary Gather Grills is the latest leap forward in the tabletop fire pit concept.

Firepit Table and Grill Choices

A traditional fire pit may have been made of stone, and many still are today. But steel fire pits are taking over for many good reasons. A steel firepit table can run on gas or charcoal and wood. In the spirit of history as well as authenticity and practicality, Gather Grills goes for charcoal to give you a real wood burning fire pit table that also cooks your dinner.

Wood for the Fire Pit Table and More

What burns better: hardwood or softwood? Is there a “best” firewood for a tabletop fire pit? What new traditions can you start with your Gather Grills wood burning fire pit table? Get all the answers to these questions, plus learn a lot of fun facts about grilling and grill history here.

The Grill and Griddle Combo: A Perfect Pairing

The difference between a grill and a griddle goes deeper than just what you cook on it. Having an outdoor cooker that is also a
grill and griddle combo offers many benefits, and it’s an essential part of re-creating Japanese hibachi at home.

Fire Pit and Grill: Early Inspirations

Having a grill and griddle combo opens up your culinary choices when cooking out. In addition to allowing you to cook items that can’t be done on a grill (think scrambled eggs, sauteed vegetables), having a grill skillet saves time and space.

Your Grill Griddle Combo Options

You can “stack and hack” a grill griddle combo, which eliminates many of the benefits of having a true grill and griddle combo, or you can use a genuine side-by-side product. You will also find griddles made of different materials, including cast iron, steel, and stoneware. Gather Grills offers the flexibility and benefits of being all grill, all griddle, or your choice of both using a dedicated grill skillet made of strong and versatile stainless steel.

The Firepit Table Grill and Griddle Combo Advantage

A grill griddle combo that is also a wood burning fire pit table has the advantage of offering dinner and a show. With Gather Grills, you get the best of all worlds with a smoker, grill and griddle combo that’s also a fire pit table. Read all about it, plus get some grill skillet tips here.

Gather Grills Gives You Options: Choose from Four Sizes

Are your gatherings a small, tight group, expansive invite-the-neighborhood type events, or somewhere in between?
Gather Grills offers four different griddle, smoker, grill combo sizes to fit your crowd.
Fire pit with grill griddle and table

The Tailgater

The 28” Tailgater is suited for smaller patios and backyards and is the most portable of all the grills. Perfect for the grill master who prefers cooking for a smaller group, the Tailgater our smallest grill, but still mighty. It offers 615 square inches of grilling space, 307 square inches of smoking space, and can cook up to 25 burgers or 14 rib-eyes at once. In true Gather Grills fashion, even our smallest size still offers all the functions you need. The Tailgater seats up to seven (7) diners and is a smoker, grill, and griddle combo fire pit table.

Fire pit with table and grill and griddle Pioneer

The Pioneer

At 35”, the Pioneer is still larger than most other ceramic, charcoal, or gas grills and is the right size for standard sized backyards or patios. With seating for up to eight (8) guests, you can spread out a little bit more. The Pioneer boasts 961 square inches of grilling space and 480 square inches of room to smoke or bake. Feel free to settle down for a private celebration or scale up for a bigger crowd. The Pioneer can grill 40 hamburgers or 22 rib-eyes at once; you can also smoke four Boston Butts or four racks of ribs at the same time.

Reunion Grill fire pit and griddle

The Reunion

If you’re already famous for your epic outdoor events (or you want to be), the 46” Reunion is the size for you. Created with large backyards and commercial use in mind, the Reunion is a grill, griddle smoker combo powerhouse. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other grill that offers the cooking space the Reunion does: 1,661 square inches of grilling and 1,246 square inches for smoking or baking. This grill seats up to ten (10) right at the fire pit table and includes a warming rack for extra space. If you’re ready to cook for the church picnic, a school event, or if you just have a really big family, the Reunion will feed them all.

Gather Grills: Always a Complete Package

No matter which size grill is right for you, you’re getting the complete package. From the Tailgater to the Reunion, each grill comes with our celebration-worthy tabletop fire pit, smoker, grill, griddle combo.

Safety First: Using Your Multi-Function Cooker and Firepit Table with Care

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, an average of 19,700 people per year visit the emergency room due to incidents involving
grills. With a little common-sense vigilance, you can avoid being a statistic. Use your tabletop fire pit safely by following these rules.

DO give your grill some space. Keep it at least 10 feet away from structures and at least 3 feet away from deck railings, etc.

DO keep your grill clean. Grease buildup can cause fire to flare up on your next use, creating a burn hazard. (Plus, old grease is not good eats.)

DO be prepared. Keep a fire extinguisher, or at a minimum, a bucket of sand handy just in case a fire unexpectedly gets out of hand.

DO keep an eye on kids and pets. Make sure they stay at least three feet away from the firepit table. The table extensions on Gather Grills help maintain a safe distance.

DO roll up your sleeves. Make sure clothing, hair, apron strings, etc., are all securely held back and away from the flames.

DO use a meat thermometer. Overcooked food is disappointing and undercooked meat can be dangerous. Your grill skillet meals should be delicious and safe.

DON’T leave your grill unattended. Because a Gather Grill will always draw a crowd, it shouldn’t be hard to stick to this rule!

DON’T overload the grill, especially with very fatty foods. Fat dripping down on the hot coals can cause significant flare-ups.

DON’T add starter fluid to already hot coals. If you’re using starter fluid, be sure only to use fluid designed for lighting charcoal. Seriously…don’t use gasoline or kerosene.

DON’T cross contaminate. Toss out leftover marinades that touched raw meat and always use a fresh plate for food coming off the grill and griddle combo. Food poisoning is not a joke.

DON’T drink and grill. Save the adult beverages for after the cooking is finished.

DON’T grill in an enclosed area. Carbon monoxide buildup can turn deadly. Make sure your cooking area has lots of ventilation.

Nothing turns a great cookout into a disaster like an accident. We want you to be together around the firepit table, not together at the ER. So eat, drink and be safely merry!

International Flavors: The World Loves a Smoker Grill Combo

The United States isn’t the only country that loves to cook over a wood burning fire pit table. Nations around the globe fire up the coals for traditional dishes involving smoke and fire. Here are some creative ideas to try on your Gather Grills smoker grill combo to give your next event an international flair.

Grilled Cheese on a Grill Griddle Combo?

While you are certainly welcome to fix a traditional American grilled cheese sandwich on your grill and griddle combo, there are other cheesy adventures to try. The country of Cyprus is well known for halloumi. This sheep’s milk cheese is rather rubbery when cold, but traditionally is prepared grilled or fried. Break out your grill skillet and crank up the firepit table because you’ll want to experience this savory, crispy cheese. Try it on salads, as a side dish, or as a vegetarian main dish. 

Another cheese to try on your grill griddle combo is Polish oscypek (os-TSEH-peck). Oscypek is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese that is pressed into molds (traditionally a spindle shape, but may also be animals and hearts). The cheese is then hung and smoked, giving it a golden exterior. The smoked cheese is usually sliced and fried on a grill skillet (perfect for your tabletop fire pit) and served with fruit preserves. True oscypek may be hard to find, but you can try your own version using braided fresh mozzarella.

Grilled Cheese on a Grill Griddle Combo

What Do You Satay? World Flavors from a Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

Grilling meat or meat and vegetables on a stick is traditional in many countries. This practice may have originated in Turkey, as their words for skewer (sis) and roast meat (kebap) became our term shish kabob. Greek souvlaki is a well-known dish; you can grill up your meat on a stick and serve with pita bread or fried potatoes, a perfect pairing for use on a grill and griddle combo. 

You may be familiar with satay, skewered and grilled meat marinated with turmeric found in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and more. In Russia, meat cooked on a stick is called shashlik. Feeling adventurous? Thailand is known for grilled quid on a stick. With a tabletop fire pit with a grill skillet, the “on a stick” options are endless. Remember to soak your wooden skewers to keep them from incinerating, or use metal skewers.

Speaking of Skewers…South American Flair Over a Firepit Table

If anyone is familiar with a tabletop fire pit, it’s the Brazilians. As Brazilian steakhouse restaurants, or churrascaria, gain popularity, Americans have become fond of the variety of meats on a skewer they serve. The great news is that you can easily prepare these mouth-watering dishes on a Gather Grills smoker grill combo. In addition to the traditional varieties of beef, other churrascaria favorites include lamb, chicken, and pork. The meats are often served with chimichurri sauce made from oil, vinegar, garlic, and herbs. 

Brazil doesn’t have a corner on the South American meat market, however. Argentina’s traditional asado dish is an impressive use of a smoker grill combo. Asado uses massive cuts of meat – sometimes even the whole animal – cooked over an open wood burning fire pit table. You’ll be glad you have those interchangeable grill grates; you’ll need to skip the grill skillet and go all grill grates for this dish. Asado also is served up with salsa criolla, an oil and vinegar based sauce with red peppers, onions, tomatoes, and parsley.

A man cooking sausages, skewers, steak and a variety of vegetables on a gather grill

Hibachi at Home: Not Just for Japanese Cuisine

Another country well known for its love for cooking on a tabletop fire pit is South Korea. You may have dined at a Korean restaurant where each diner cooked their own meats over a tabletop fire pit and enjoyed many different side dishes. Why not try to duplicate this Korean-style hibachi at home experience? Instead of doing your usual rib-eye or sirloin, you might try marinating thin slices of that beef in soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and sesame oil. You can then let your guests grill up some Korean bulgogi in a twist on hibachi at home using the Gather Grill’s tabletop fire pit function and grill grate. Utilize that grill skillet to fry up some rice or Korean-style “seafood pancakes.” A grill griddle combo makes it easy to explore the robust flavors of Korean cuisine.

Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright with a Grill Griddle Combo

A discussion of grill griddle combo cooking over a firepit table wouldn’t be complete without bringing up Jamaican jerk chicken. Spice it up with cinnamon, ginger, thyme, cloves, garlic, nutmeg, and pepper and transport your guests to paradise. Put that grill skillet to good use and try Bammy, a traditional Jamaican flatbread. You can complete your island feast with rice and peas. You won’t want to use little green peas, however. Rice and peas from Jamaica is a dish Americans would call “beans and rice.” Play some reggae around your wood burning fire pit table and you and your guests will be saying no problem!

Classic Spanish, Indian, and South African Food on a Griddle and Griddle Combo

Why not visit India on your Gather Grill with some lamb burgers and mint sauce? Toss some naan bread on the grill skillet and you’ve got a classic meal that matches up perfectly for your grill griddle combo. You can celebrate Spanish-style by trying your hand at the world-famous chorizo, seafood, and rice based paella. Did you know South Africa’s Braai Day (or National Heritage Day) holiday is devoted to grill cooking? Explore the world of boerwors and sosatis each September and get to know the flavors of South Africa. 

The benefit of having a multi-functional wood burning fire pit table means you can grill, griddle, and smoke your way to flavors both familiar and traditional, or new and exciting. Rediscover favorites from your ancestors or visit a new country without leaving home by trying out their cuisine. With Gather Grills, your smoker, grill, griddle combo becomes a world tour without ever leaving your backyard.

Five men standing by a large circular Gather Grill which is loaded up with vegetarian and chicken skewers as well as barbeque. To the left there is a separate image of the gather grill unoccupied.

Gather Grills: American-Made with Quality and Integrity

If above average still isn’t good enough for you, Gather Grills is the outdoor multi-function device that will finally meet your high standards. Keep it small with a hibachi at home firepit table or go all out by hosting a festival; no matter what, Gather Grills fits the event.

Gather Grills inventor Jed Strange grew up on the family farm that he still manages. There on the farm he and his brothers were raised understanding the meaning of hard work, being productive, and the power of strong relationships. His mission that powers the concept of Gather Grills is to bring people back together again, trading the stresses of modern life for a little old-fashioned, in-person unity. 

Proudly designed, managed, and manufactured in the USA, our smoker, grill, griddle combo built on a wood burning fire pit table is a home-grown innovation. Founded and headquartered in the state of Georgia, our team values integrity, quality, and relationships as well as joy and celebration. 

You can have a run of the mill grill, or you can have an epic celebration with Gather Grills.


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