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Gather the Family around the Grill

Make your next gathering a memorable one with the Gather Grill!

3 Ways to Gather for your Next Get Together

The Gather Grill is designed to bring people together around food, fun, and fire. It’s the perfect way to entertain and cook for a crowd at your next

  • Party
  • Football game or Tailgate
  • Wedding
  • Corporate Event
  • Family Night
  • Girls Night or Guys Night

If you would like to have the Gather Grill at your next event, then we have three great options:

  1. Rent a Gather Grill
  2. Hire a personal chef to prepare and cook an incredible menu of food
  3. Purchase your own Gather Grill from our store >

Rent a Gather Grill

Renting a Gather Grill is a great way to try something new and create memories with friends and family.

We make it as easy as possible – complimentary delivery and pick-up is included with every rental! Our customer service team will arrive, set up the grill for you, and share a few tips for making the night successful.

When you’re done, we’ll come and pick it up!

But what if you love the grill and want to keep it? Good news! You can apply the price of the rental towards purchasing the rental unit!

We have two different rental units available: 

  1. The 28″ Tailgater model offers 615 square inches of grilling capacity and 307 square inches of baking or smoking space. You can sit 7 people around the grill or cook for a larger crowd (up to 25 hamburgers at once).
  2. The 35″ Pioneer model offers 961 square inches of combined grilling, griddling, and smoking space. You can sit 8 people around the grill, or you can cook for a crowd (up to 40 hamburgers at once!)


Tailgater: $400 per day
Pioneer: $600 per day
Reserve your rental by September 30 and receive a $100 discount!

Contact us to discuss your options and reserve your grill

*Rental service is only available in the greater Atlanta area

Rent a Grill Fire Pit for Event
Personal Chef Service Outdoor Grilling

Hire a Personal Chef

We love cooking on the Gather Grill, but sometimes you just want to focus on eating. 

We get that, which is why we offer an in-home, personal chef service alongside of our grill rental service.

We have several menu options that are guaranteed to bring the flavor and sizzle that can only come from the Gather Grill . 

Prices start at $50 per person and we can cater to your specific culinary requirements. Contact us to learn more or make a reservation!

Contact Us

Interested in renting a grill and/or hiring a personal chef? Contact us and we’ll be in touch to discuss details! 

Contact Us Form – Rentals or Chefs

Praise for Gather Grills

Grill masters know a charcoal-fueled meal isn’t just about great tasting food. Here’s what our customers are saying about the Gather Grills experience.

Mike P

The Gather Grill is really a great product as it is almost like having an hibachi experience in your backyard. Being able to cook the food while also able to fully engage with many of your family/guests is something I didn't even realize I was missing, until experiencing this product. Also, the lazy-suzan aspect of it takes the onus of the cooking off of one individual and makes it that much more of a shared experience. It is incredibly well-built and you can tell a lot of time and thought went into the design and engineering process.

4 months ago
Richard W

Great conversation and food every time I'm around the Gather Grills!!

5 months ago
Evan F

I love cooking over fire and typically use an egg style grill/smoker. Those are great, but I often find myself alone by the grill while everyone else hangs out somewhere else.

But not with the Gather Grill! Everyone sat around the fire while we cooked together. It also made meal prep simpler, we just ate as things became ready so I didn't have to worry about timing everything to be ready at just the right moment.

It's fun and flexible and a great way to bring people together.

5 months ago

Great time around the grill. We cooked fresh tuna, burgers, corn on the cob, and for dessert, chocolate fondue! All on the gather grill. Fellowship, food, and fun times.

5 months ago
Amy Bogue

We LOVE our Gather Grill! This option allows people to sit and visit while the food is cooking vs one person doing all the cooking.

6 months ago
Lindsay K

The Gather Grill is an amazing agent of connection and community building! Who knew that could be said about a grill? 🙂 We used the Gather Grill under tents on a rainy night in Atlanta...and I don't think I ever saw a group of people so content to hang out for so long in bad weather! It was such a fun night, and enabled people to really connect over the shared experience of cooking food together, which was especially sweet during the long months of the pandemic during which it's just harder to gather indoors. These grills really turn the preparation of a meal from a solo event to a shared activity that brings fun, conversation and connection.

6 months ago
Donna F

I've used this grill quite a few times having different friends over. We've had great food and fellowship. All have said "Let's do it again and I'll bring the food."
Can't wait until the next gathering.

7 months ago
Elizabeth C

The Gather Grill is worth every penny because of its versatility in uses and long term sturdy build.

7 months ago
Andy and Lori P

We are so in love with this Christmas Present! This Ò Gather GrillÓ is about the coolest thing IÕve seen. It has so many options and can grill as little or as much as you want to feed a ÒgatheringÓ of friends and family! ItÕs a great conversation piece but even better Ògrilling machineÓ! Absolutely our favorite so far! Very unique custom design yields great food! Great job Jed Strange! ItÕs a keeper!

7 months ago
Brett G

I've been able to cook on and enjoy dining on Gather Grills with groups of friends. I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends around the table while cooking and enjoying food together. Plus when all the eating is done we get to chill around a fire pit! So great!

7 months ago

Purchase Your Own

Keep the party going all year long! The Gather Grill is built to last and will provide memories for years to come. The Grill is available in 4 different sizes:

28" TAILGATER with one of its two sections covered by a lid


Sits 7 people
35" PIONEER with one of its two sections covered by a lid


Sits 8 people
39" ENTERTAINER with a raised central warming rack


Sits 9 people
46" REUNION with a raised central warming rack


Sits 10 people