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35″ Pioneer Gather Grill


The Pioneer is our most popular model and suited for the grill master who regularly cooks for six to eight diners but also wants the ability to grill for a crowd. This model includes the table wings, and when all are installed they create a 68″ table that is an incredible central piece to any patio or backyard.

*Current Lead Time of 6 Weeks*

Pioneer Accessories Bundle

Includes: Smoking Hood, Warming Rack, Soft Cover, Spark Screen, Ash Pan, Charcoal Stacker, & Lazy Susan.

Pioneer Furniture Bundle

Includes: 6 Counter Height Chairs, Prep Table, & Cutting Board.


Our Best Seller Has Never Been Better.

The Pioneer Grill by Gather Grills is the ultimate outdoor cooking experience for grill masters who love to entertain at home. This Grill includes everything you need to be a BBQ master and create meals that are fun and delicious. The Pioneer model is perfect for cooking for six to eight diners, with the ability to grill for a crowd.

The Pioneer Gather Grill features an adjustable height 37-inch steel fire pit with an air intake for oxygen flow, painted with heat-resistant black paint. It also includes a stainless steel grate for wood or charcoal, large handles for mobility, and a stainless steel ring with branded cover plates and a lazy susan sub-grate. The 35″ diameter cooking surface allows for versatile grilling options.

With bundled accessories like The Lazy Susan poly center, smoking hood, warming rack, and waterproof cover, you have everything you need to enhance your grilling experience. The Pioneer Grill from Gather Grills is the central piece for any patio or backyard gathering.

Standout Features

  • 68″ Stainless Steel Grill with 35″ of cooking space
  • Adjustable legs set the table height between 28″-34”
  • Half Grill / Half Griddle for the ultimate cooking combo
  • Easily Removable Poly Wing Tables
  • 360 degree rotation with lazy Susan grill
  • Side Handles and Mounted Wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Easily converted into a Firepit for smores & more
  • Easily cook up to 40 Burgers at one time
  • Seating Space for up to 8 People
  • 415 pounds total weight

Pioneer Specifications

Model Number


Cooking Space


Adjustable Height

28" - 34"

Overall Weight


Grill w/ Poly Wings


Available Seating

8 Persons

What makes the Gather Grill special?

The Gather Grill turns your entire evening into an experience. Cooking dinner becomes a shared endeavor, with people sitting around the table enjoying food as soon as it comes off the grill. The grill and griddle is actually a lazy Susan, so the grill can spin all the way around.

The Gather Grill is extremely versatile. Want to slow cook brisket or ribs? You can do that with the grill and the smoker hood. Want to make breakfast over the fire? Cook up those eggs, bacon, and pancakes on the griddle. Grilling steaks? Oh yeah. Baking a pie? Of course! And once the food is all done, you can remove the grill and griddle to create a wide-open fire pit.

Not only is each Gather Grill flexible, but they are also built with the highest quality standards. Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel, these grills are meant to last a lifetime. It’s the last firepit/grill/griddle/smoker you’ll ever need.

Grills made in the USA

Gather Grills has changed the way we 

cook outdoors

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35″ Pioneer Gather Grill
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