Gather Grills

The Future of Gathering

Has Arrived

And it’s smaller than ever.

The 18" Mini Gather Grill

We’ve been hard at work designing the perfect “entry” Gather Gril that refuses to compromise on what makes our products standout. The answer? A smaller, more compact version that offers even more great features.

Starting at $899 | Launching in Late Summer 2024

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Small, but Mighty

no comprimises

The "Mini" is just as competent as its bigger brothers, with the same great features you've come to expect. Griddle, Grill, Smoker, Table, & Firepit!

Tabletop Grilling

Utilizing proper heat protection, the "Mini" can effortlessly convert to a tabletop experience like no other.

Pizza? yep, that too

Alongside the other incredible features, we decided to up the ante. The "Mini" is fully equipped with an enclosed Pizza Oven.

Mini Specifications

Model Number


Cooking Space


Adjustable Height

24" - 34"

Overall Weight

75lbs - 125lbs

Grill w/ Poly Wings


Available Seating

5 Persons

The Kickstarter

We’re super excited about the future of the “Mini” and we hope you are too! In order to ensure we’re able to produce and avoid inventory issues, we’ve decided to team up with Launchboom to create a Kickstarter Campaign.


June – July

Working with Launchboom to create a solid base of interested customers.


July – August

Launch our Kickstarter Campaign and raise enough capital to produce the “Mini.”

product launch

October – February

The Gather Grill Mini begins shipping to backers and starts mainstream production.

Interested in the Mini? Let us know!

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