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Short on space but heavy on real-life face time? The Tailgater is for you. The 28” Tailgater is our smallest and most portable grill size. However, it is still larger than many charcoal or gas grills you’ll find on the market. It fits perfectly on smaller decks or patios and would be just right for less spacious yards.

Designed for smaller gatherings, the Tailgater seats up to five friends and can cook for ten or more diners at a time. The Tailgater is just right if you usually grill for four to six people but sometimes host for bigger groups. If you are considering taking your grill to the campsite or your property doesn’t have a lot of space, you can still get all the benefits of the all-in-one Gather Grill with the Tailgater.


A Tabletop Grill,
Right-Sized for You

The Tailgater comes with the fire bowl, table, and can accommodate any combination of two grill grates, griddles, or hoods. When the table wings are extended, it brings the total diameter to 54 inches. Without the casters the grill sits 23” off the ground, and with the casters it moves up to 29”. The total weight of the Tailgater is 280 pounds, but it disassembles and reassembles for easier transport.

Get Comfortable

Your Tailgater has room for six heat-resistant placemats, six stainless steel coasters. It is an ideal size for getting started with Gather Grills or as an additional grill for camping, the lake house, or as a side table to complement one of the larger grills for your bigger events.

Don’t Underestimate the Tailgater

The Tailgater is a small but mighty outdoor cooking powerhouse. It features 615 square inches of grilling capacity and 307 square inches of baking or smoking space. It can cook up to 25 burgers at the same time. The Tailgater can handle 14 rib-eyes, two Boston Butts, two racks of ribs or one brisket.

Tailgater Power-Ups

Want more out of your Tailgater? Consider adding some additional grill bars or grill griddles. You can also add on extra hoods, coasters, placements, and a cover separately. separately.

Need to Spread Out?

Tailgater not quite enough for your larger crew? Check out the 35” Pioneer, 39” Entertainer or
the 46” Reunion.

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