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Poly Table Wing


Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the Poly Table Wing for Gather Grills. These versatile wings can be used to transform your Gather Grill into a convenient table surface. Whether you’re grilling up a feast for family and friends or enjoying a quiet meal, the Poly Table Wing provides the perfect space to place your ingredients, utensils, and beverages. Order your Poly Table Wings today and take your grilling adventures to the next level!


The Poly Table Wing for Gather Grill

The Poly Table Wing for Gather Grill is a versatile accessory that transforms your grill into a functional table.
Whether you’re looking to add extra workspace to your grill or create a convenient side table, the Poly Table Wing
offers flexibility and convenience.

Easy Installation and Usage

Adding the Poly Table Wing to your Gather Grill is a breeze. Simply attach the wings to the sides of your grill and
you’re ready to go. Use them to set down utensils, ingredients, or dishes while you cook, or create an
additional workspace for prepping your meals.

High-Quality Design and Construction

Constructed from durable materials, the Poly Table Wing is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and frequent
use. You can trust that this accessory will provide long-lasting functionality and enhance your outdoor cooking

Versatile Table Options

Whether you choose to position the wings all the way around your grill or use them individually as side tables,
the Poly Table Wing offers versatile table options that cater to your specific needs. Create the perfect setup
for your next grilling session with these convenient and practical wings.

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Poly Table Wing
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