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Creating Epic Memories with the Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo

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Smoke Brisket Over Fire Pit

How often have you planned your backyard barbecue to include a low and slow, melt-in-your-mouth Boston butt? Or a nice rack of smoked ribs? Maybe some tender, juicy, slow-roasted chicken? While the main dish is definitely the star of the show, like any headliner your meat dish needs some supporting roles. Mixed vegetable skewers, grilled napa cabbage, or portobello mushrooms with dark, defined grill marks really help show off your main dish, giving you a complete dinner. In order to deliver an epic meal memory for your guests, you need the best smoker and grill combo you can get your hands on.

Grilled Cheese on a Grill Griddle Combo

The Best Smoker Grill Combo Truly Delivers

A problem often arises for the grill master when trying to balance time and temperature. You need low and slow for your smoked meats, and hot and fast for your grilled vegetables. What if you need different times and temperatures for multiple meat dishes? Plus, what if the kids want some hotdogs or Aunt Nancy has been looking forward to some grilled shrimp? If you don’t have the best grill and smoker combo, you’ll need to slow cook the meat, then pull it off and adjust the temperature for your high-heat grilling. What if you could have it all ready at the same time? Only the best charcoal grill and smoker combo will be able to deliver.

With Gather Grills, you can do all this and more. One of the most valuable functions of any backyard barbecue device is to be able to be a smoker and grill combo; if it can do them at the same time, you’ve really found something special. Gather Grills are proving themselves to be the best charcoal grill smoker combo money can buy, offering not just a smoker/grill combo but also griddle, fire pit and table functions.

Make Time for MEMORIES with the Best Smoker and Grill Combo

When you have the best grill and smoker combo from Gather Grills, you can prepare your appetizer of stuffed jalapenos while the Boston Butt is still approaching its pinnacle of smoked perfection. If the kids are hungry early, you can toss on the hotdogs and burgers without disturbing your rack of ribs. The multi-section function of Gather Grills turns this memory-making backyard cooking experience into the ideal way to satisfy all your guests, accurately time your dishes, and perfectly cook them at the same time. The unique concept of Gather Grills means that not only can you time and cook dinner to precision according to your time table, but you can also spend time with family and friends while you do it. The Gather Grills mission is to bring people together, and with its 

top-quality multi-function design you can turn grill time into gathering time.

Warm Up to Your New Multi-Talented Grill

One concept. Endless potential for smoking incredible food.

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meats are cooking on hickory


A classic choice for pretty much any type of meat, clean-burning hickory wood will give your smoker/grill combo food a deep, sweet, and pungent flavor as well as a rich, dark color. Use hickory with discretion, as too much will impart a bitter taste.

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Mild maple is lightly sweet, highly prized for pork and poultry. Its subtle flavor is also great for vegetables and even cheeses prepared on your grill and smoker combo.

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A man and a woman cooking bacon on a gather grill griddle attachment


Apple wood imparts a sweet and fruity flavor. Think poultry, pork, seafood, and lamb. Apple wood blends well with strong woods like mesquite or oak when used together on a smoker and grill combo.

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Pecan wood is actually part of the hickory family, but gives food a milder and more delicate flavor than regular hickory. Its nutty aroma blends well when used with fruit woods on a smoker/grill combo. Try pecan with poultry and pork.

Praise for Gather Grills

Grill masters know a charcoal-fueled meal isn’t just about great tasting food. Here’s what our customers are saying about the Gather Grills experience.

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