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Ancient Inspiration, Modern Ingenuity: The Gather Grills Story

Five men standing by a large circular Gather Grill which is loaded up with vegetarian and chicken skewers as well as barbeque. To the left there is a separate image of the gather grill unoccupied.
When Jed Strange bought a fire pit in February of 2020, he had no idea that it was about to inspire him to create one of the most innovative multi-function outdoor cooking devices available today.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown closing operations at Strange Farms, a family-run corporate and private retreat venue, Jed found himself with some extra time on his hands. He sat down and looked at his new fire pit. His goal of gathering people around it physically was put on hold, but the desire for connection remained.

No Shutdown for Creativity

The world may have shut down, but not Jed’s imagination. He was inspired by how humans have been gathering and growing closer to one another over the comfort of a warm fire since ancient times. He envisioned this fire pit as also being a way to cook food, but was dissatisfied with the grill grates he found. Jed sat down with his sketchpad and reflected on his passion for connecting people. Pencil in hand, he began drawing the first rough design for what would become Gather Grills.

Not wanting to limit his idea to just a simple fire pit grill, a new vision emerged. What began as a traditional fire pit evolved into a rotating grill, smoker, griddle, and fire pit with a table to seat guests right up at the cook table. With the world on pause, Jed ordered some custom grill grates and got to work with his welder to create the very first Gather Grills prototype. After much trial and error, improvements, and upgrades, he finally arrived at the perfect design.

By being a grill and a griddle, a smoker and a fire pit, Gather Grills takes ancestral inspiration and adds a modern twist. The rotating grill table makes it easy to use and simple to serve. The folding, removable shelves offer functionality to the cook for holding ingredients and tools as well as being a ‘round the grill table for up to eight guests. After dining at the grill, convert it to a fire pit by removing the grates and adding fire wood. The rest of the night is yours to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.
Romantic Dinner around the Fire Pit Grill

A Commitment to Quality and a History of Innovation

As a believer in excellence and integrity, Jed worked overtime to ensure that Gather Grills would deliver on strength and durability. He chose high quality 304 stainless steel for maximum strength and rust-resistance. Finishing the grill with a powder coated paint process to provide maximum scratch and weather resistance, he ensured that Gather Grills can stand the test of time. Innovation and a commitment to quality are family traits Jed Strange is very familiar with. Growing up on his family farm, he and his brothers learned the value of hard work as well as the importance of strong relationships. As the family business evolved from a traditional farming practice into manufacturing endeavors, their roots in cultivating human connections remained steadfast. The farm opened up to the world to become a retreat for families, companies, churches and other organizations. Strange Farms has been helping people come together, strengthen their bonds, and become more cohesive, tighter teams since 2012.

Bringing Ideas and Connections to Life

By marrying a love and understanding of human connection with a history of innovation, Gather Grills truly embodies the values of the Strange family. We celebrate quality, excellence, joy, relationships, fun, and integrity. A cutting-edge outdoor cooking device that draws people together is the perfect expression of what we stand for.

During a time of separation and uncertainty emerged Gather Grills, a revolutionary multi-function cooker that satisfies our need for both nourishment and connection. By bringing family and friends together, Gather Grills allows us a chance to leave behind the hustle and stress of modern life and reconnect with each other in the tradition of our ancient past. Let’s eat, drink, and reclaim our relationships around the fire.

Gather the Family around the Fire Pit Grill

Gather Grills Gives You Options: Choose from Four Sizes

Are your gatherings a small, tight group, expansive invite-the-neighborhood type events, or somewhere in between?
Gather Grills offers four different griddle, smoker, grill combo sizes to fit your crowd.




Praise for Gather Grills

Grill masters know a charcoal-fueled meal isn’t just about great tasting food. Here’s what our customers are saying about the Gather Grills experience.

Andy and Lori P

We are so in love with this Christmas Present! This Gather Grill is about the coolest thing I've seen. It has so many options and can grill as little or as much as you want to feed a "gathering" of friends and family! It's a great conversation piece but even better grilling machine! Absolutely our favorite so far! Very unique custom design yields great food! Great job Jed Strange! ItÕs a keeper!

2 years ago
Brett G

I've been able to cook on and enjoy dining on Gather Grills with groups of friends. I can't think of a better way to spend time with friends around the table while cooking and enjoying food together. Plus when all the eating is done we get to chill around a fire pit! So great!

2 years ago
Kristin F

Everyone gathers around food. it's human nature. but to be able to experience cooking together, eating together, and talking with each other all at the same time is awesome! Plus, so many of us love the outdoors, and the gather grills keep you nice and toasty even on the coolest evenings. I cannot say enough great things about my meals and time spend with friends around the Grills!

3 years ago
Donna F

I've used this grill quite a few times having different friends over. We've had great food and fellowship. All have said "Let's do it again and I'll bring the food."
Can't wait until the next gathering.

3 years ago
Courtney T

My family loved our grilling experience both in a small setting of just family and then again in a larger setting with multiple families. These grills draw people together over the work of cooking and conversations flow. A wonderful experience! Bringing all the people together- not just the grill master!

3 years ago


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