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Video: 3 Epic Stir Fry Recipes to Try on the Gather Grill

Stir Fry on the Gather Grill

Stir fry on the grill?

It might sound unusual but trust us — stir fry recipes could become a regular on your grill menu with the dynamic cooking capabilities of the Gather Grill. With its precise heat control and easy-to-use accessories like the stainless steel griddle, there is truly no better charcoal grill than the Gather Grill to help you cook up fun and creative recipes for all of your epic gatherings with family and friends.

Chef Jarvis is back to share three of his favorite easy stir fry recipes to cook for large gatherings. Watch the video to see the magic happen yourself, or keep reading to learn more about how to cook stir fry on the Gather Grill and get some inspiration to take your cookouts to the next level. 

Precise Heat Control Helps You Cook Epic Food

The Gather Grill provides excellent heat control, which makes it easy to perfectly cook large meals with lots of ingredients, like stir fry. 

Follow our instructions for how to fire up the Gather Grill with less than one minute of work. Chef Jarvis likes to soak his hard lump charcoal in whiskey to add some extra flavor. 

Once your coals are going, spread them out evenly underneath the section(s) of the grill where you want to cook. The sections should remain around 400–500 degrees Fahrenheit. We called these the “hot zones.” 

Don’t spread out any coals under the sections of the grill where you will want to keep your ingredients warm but prevent them from overcooking or burning. These sections should remain around 175–250 degrees Fahrenheit. These areas are called “cold zones,” although they aren’t actually cold — just cooler than your active cooking zone!

The Lazy Susan feature allows you to rotate the entire cooking surface over the hottest or coolest part of the grill to instantly change the temperature of your cooking surface without needing to move the food itself. 

If your cooking surface ever gets too hot, Chef Jarvis recommends cracking open a cold one and deglazing your griddle with a little bit of beer. This will help cool down your cooking surface while also adding great flavor to your food. You can also splash some water on the grill if you don’t want to add the flavor of the beer.

And remember the words of Chef Jarvis: “I learned as a kid, that you shouldn’t make a mess. Forget that! You can make a mess on the grill.”

Now let’s get cooking!

3 Epic Stir Fry Recipes You Can Cook on the Grill

The bar grates on traditional grills can limit the types of meals you can cook, but cooking with the Gather Grill opens up new worlds of possibility. The unique design of the stainless-steel griddle and smoking hood attachments combined with the innovative Lazy Susan feature can quickly transform your Gather Grill into a cooking paradise. 

Here are three epic sir fry recipes to get you inspired. Follow along with Chef Jarvis or add your own personal spin on these recipes to make them your own.

Classic Stir Fry with a Bacon Twist

As always, Chef Jarvis recommends starting with some thick-cut bacon. Once the griddle is nice and hot, toss on some bacon and let the fat melt (or render) on the griddle. Use the bacon fat to caramelize some chopped garlic and shallots. 

Once the bacon, garlic, and shallots are cooked, move them over to another griddle in the cold zone and let them rest. 

Next, toss some of your favorite vegetables onto the hot zone. Chef Jarvis recommends baby corn, bean sprouts, and any of your favorite vegetables. Stir the vegetables often and let them dance around in the hot bacon fat just enough to soften and char a little bit, then move them over to the cold zone.

Stir Fry with Shrimp on the Gather Grill

You can also add your favorite meat – in the video Chef Jarvis used some fresh shrimp. Like everything else, he cooked them on the hot zone and then flipped everything into the cooler zone.

Lastly, you’ll want to stir fry the rice with a couple scrambled eggs in the bacon fat and everything else left over in the hot zone.

Once all the ingredients are ready, give it a good stir, add your favorite sauce, gather your family and friends, and serve!

Asian fusion Stir Fry

Another epic twist on traditional stir fry is Chef Jarvis’ Asian fusion stir fry.

Once again, we’ll start with bacon because it’s delicious. Move the cooked bacon to the side and cook your veggies (we recommend yellow squash and zucchini for this recipe).

Next you’ll brown some chorizo sausage in some high smoke point oil, like peanut oil, over the hot zone of the griddle. Add in some king oyster mushrooms to soak up some of the fat from the chorizo. Stir until they are lightly cooked and turn orangish-red from the chorizo, then move them to the side. 

Next, add some sesame seeds directly to the griddle and let them bloom. Blooming is the process where the heat from the griddle draws out the oils of the sesame seeds and then cooks them in that oil and infuses flavor. Be careful not to burn the seeds or let them stick to the griddle.

Stir Fry on the Gather Grill

Once the seeds are browned, reintroduce the veggies, mix it all together, and move them to the cold zone. Deglaze the griddle with some beer and be sure to pick up every last seed.

Top everything with a good slathering of peanut sauce and mix it all together.

Surf and Turf Stir Fry

Everybody loves surf and turf, so why not surf and turf stir fry?

Brown your favorite sliced pork sausage on the griddle and slather it in your favorite BBQ sauce. Give everything a good stir, let the sugar in the BBQ sauce caramelize, and then deglaze the griddle with some beer. If the foam from the beer turns brown, that’s a good sign!

This process is called a “Maillard reaction” and it is the primary way a chef can add flavor to food.

Next, while there is still beer in the griddle, add in some cooked, wild black rice. Cover everything with the baking hood and let the rice steam for a few minutes, then move it onto another griddle in the cold zone.

On the same griddle, cook up some scallops, steak, and your favorite fresh veggies. Chef Jarvis used some chopped filet mignons and ribeye steak that was marinaded in a sesame and rosemary steak marinade. Once they’re cooked through, toss them on top of the rest of the ingredients in the cold zone.

Bacon on the grill - stir fry griddle

Give everything a good stir, and voila! Call over everyone you know to enjoy a gorgeous, epic surf and turf stir fry!

Ready to make stir fry magic happen in your own backyard? Visit our online store and get cooking!

Got questions? Chat with us today and begin planning your next cookout.

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