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The Gather Grill is a Beautiful Patio Fire Table

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Around here, we love to talk about how the Gather Grill is the most dynamic, multi-functional, and overall best patio grill and firepit table on the market. But the fact is, the table is just as beautiful as it is functional.

The Gather Grill can easily be a stunning centerpiece on any patio or backyard. Just another reason to love this grill!

Keep reading to learn more about why the Gather Grill is the best patio fire table on the market.

The Gather Grill is Made With Beautiful Materials

When you think about backyard grills, you probably don’t think about beauty. However, The Gather Grill is a beautiful piece of furniture that adds to the fun and relaxing atmosphere of your patio. 

The Gather Grill wood table is available in two different materials, either a high quality plywood or a durable hardwood. Each material has a warm, richly colored appearance and is made to last. The large wooden tabletop area means this grill looks and feels more like a quality piece of patio furniture rather than just a cooking tool. Plus, when you add the Lazy Susan Tabletop, then you have a beautiful table you can use year-round, even when there isn’t a fire going.

Pioneer Fire Pit furniture set

Furthermore, the Hardwood we use is known to last for decades outdoors. It is mold, fire, weather, rot, scratch, and pest resistant — so it will remain beautiful for years to come.

You also don’t have to stop with just the fire table, we also offer matching chairs to truly complete your backyard.

Patio Fire Tables Transform Your Backyard

After a long, stressful day, we often daydream about sitting around a fire pit with friends and family — watching the flames while we enjoy good food and drink and lively conversation. 

However, you may not want to start a fire everyday or every time you sit outside. This patio fire table is the perfect way to transform your backyard or patio quickly and easily into exactly this cozy, relaxing oasis or entertaining space you’ve been dreaming of. 

patio fire table - the Gather Grill

Patio Fire Tables Are the Most Popular Backyard Buy

Right now, patio fire tables are an extremely popular addition for homeowners. Not only will they spruce up your backyard, but they’ll also add value to your home. The Gather Grill can easily transform any outdoor space into a high-value outdoor entertaining space that will look amazing. 

As we know, after being separated from loved ones and cooped up inside more than usual over the past few years, creating beautiful outdoor entertaining spaces is more popular than ever. Everyone truly values the power of being able to gather together and spend quality time with loved ones. So, there is no better way to create that beautiful outdoor entertaining space than with The Gather Grill. Our patio fire table is the perfect investment to bring friends and family back together through the tradition of food and fire.

You Can Place The Gather Grill Where It Will Look Best

Other charcoal or propane grills are limited by location. They need to be stored and used away off to the side so they don’t get in the way of people hanging out. This can lead to them being placed in unsightly or undesirable locations.

patio fire table - the Gather Grill

However, The Gather Grill is designed to be the center of the party and it is movable, so you can place the fire table wherever it looks best on your patio. It makes it easier to create the atmosphere you want for your home. It also makes it easier to encourage people to gather around the fire table.

The Gather Grill Makes Cooking a Thing of Beauty

While The Gather Grill makes for a beautiful patio fire table, let’s not forget that its multi-functionality is also what makes it so amazing. 

Without a doubt, it is the most flexible charcoal grill on the market. With just a few simple accessories, you can use the Gather Grill to grill, griddle, smoke, bake, warm, and more. Plus, there is no tricky set-up! Simply swap in the interchangeable griddle insert, bar grate, double-decker warming tray, or smoking/baking hood. Each of these accessories only takes up part of the grill, so you can mix and match to cook multiple things at one time. 

outdoor hibachi grill for the home

Once you’re finished cooking, you can always add a few pieces of firewood and turn your grill into a firepit. You’ll spend hours hanging out together around the warmth of the fire, and this tabletop fire pit provides a perfect place to hold your drinks and dessert.

Now, that’s a thing of beauty!

A Patio Fire Table That is Easy to Clean

So, the Gather Grill is beautiful when you set it up and cook around it — but what about cleaning and maintenance? A dirty grill can quickly become an eyesore in the middle of your patio, and no one wants that. Luckily, The Gather Grill is actually one of the easiest charcoal grills to clean.

All of the Gather Grill cooking surfaces and the charcoal bowl are made of 304 stainless steel so they won’t rust and are super easy to clean.

Our favorite way to clean the griddle is with lemon juice, which helps break down the grease. First, squeeze the lemon juice and pour the water directly onto the griddle while it is still warm (not hot). Next, get a metal spatula or scraper tool to push everything over to the hole in the corner of the griddle. Repeat this step one or two times if necessary.

To clean the ash out of your Gather Grill, let your grill cool completely first. Once the grill is cool, use a metal trowel or shovel to scoop the ash into a bucket. You don’t have to clean the ash every time you cook. The bowl is large enough that you can easily cook 3—6 times before you need to clean out the ash. 

And that’s it! It is so easy to clean your Gather Grill after cooking or using it as a fire pit — so it will always be beautiful.

And of course, you can always remove the grill pieces and place the wooden lazy susan center over the firepit to give your entire table a consistent and beautiful look when the fire isn’t rolling.

Get your Gather Grill today!

Pioneer Fire Table Patio Furniture Bundle

For these reasons and more, the Gather Grill is simply the most beautiful patio fire table available. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today! 

Have any questions? Chat with us today and begin planning your next party. Ready to grill? Visit our online store and get cooking!

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