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How to Fire Up the Gather Grill (less than 1 minute of work)

How to Fire Up the Gather Grill

Cooking over charcoal provides much better flavor than cooking over gas, but it takes so much more work, right? We don’t think so – Read on to find out why our method for firing up charcoal is a game changer.

After a long time in isolation, we all appreciate the ability to gather with friends and family more than ever. One great way to connect with your loved ones is to gather around a warm fire pit and good food — a tradition we’ve participated in throughout history.

But sometimes, it can be hard to find entertaining space for everyone. Perhaps you don’t have the right patio furniture to host large gatherings, or you get stuck away from the party while using your gas grill. Or maybe the idea of starting up a large fire pit for your guests sounds challenging and time-consuming?

What if I told you that there was a better way to host and cook outdoors? Enter the Gather Grill. 

And what if I told you that you could get your Gather Grill up and running with hot charcoal in less than 1 minute of work and 15 minutes of waiting? During those 15 minutes of waiting, you can prepare your ingredients and gather your friends and family around the grill. Sounds pretty good, right? 

Watch the Video below or keep reading to learn more.

What is the Gather Grill?

The Gather grill is the ultimate outdoor cooking device that unites utility and diners. It is a table fire pit-style grill that can do it all: stir fry, smoke, stew, grill, bake, barbeque, and gather your friends and family around the table. 

Its multi-purpose functionality helps you cook delicious food, while its layout lets you be the center of the party. The Gather Grill allows you to remove a section of the table to give you easy access to the grill while cooking. You can easily replace the table section when you finish cooking to fit everyone around the table. 

Gone are the days of missing out on your own party because you had to be stuck in the corner grilling. 

What are the benefits of cooking with charcoal vs. gas?

Charcoal is the perfect fuel for outdoor grilling. It adds a rich, smoky flavor to any food and improves the overall food quality. You can even add wood chunks or other flavored fuels to the charcoal to further enhance the flavor of the food. You simply can’t add flavors like this when cooking with a gas grill!

Hibachi - Grill and Griddle Fire Pit

Cooking with charcoal is also a really fun process. It is very customizable and helps you feel connected to the cooking process in a way that cooking with gas does not provide.

How do you start the Gather Grill?

One assumption that people have is that starting gas grills is quicker and easier than starting charcoal grills. But firing up the Gather Grill is quick and easy, so you can focus on entertaining! Here’s how to get your Gather Grill going with just 15 seconds of work and then 15 minutes of waiting. 

Step 1 
Start your timer. This will help you know when the Gather Grill is ready for cooking.

Step 2
Use a match or lighter to light an all natural fire starter (we love the ones that look like little tumbleweeds). If you’re cooking for a crowd, then we recommend lighting two fire starters so that you can quickly heat up more charcoal and cook on both sections of the Gather Grill.

Step 3
Pour your desired amount of charcoal into a charcoal chimney or two. Then places the charcoal chimney(s) on top of the fire starter(s) and wait. 

Pat yourself on the back! Your 15 seconds of work is over. Go socialize with your guests or prep your food for grilling. Come back when your timer goes off in 15 minutes.

Step 4
Grab some grilling gloves and dump the charcoal chimney(s) out onto the Gather Grill. If using two chimneys, dump each chimney onto its own section of the Gather Grill. Use a fire poker to spread the charcoal out a little bit. 

We recommend leaving some open room on one end of the grill without any charcoal. This will provide you with two hot sections to cook on and some cooler sections in case you need to move food around.

Step 5
With your grilling gloves still on, add the subgrate onto the Gather Grill. Then add the bar grate to one section and the griddle to the other section. Now you’re ready to cook! Gather your guests around the grill and bring out the ingredients!

How do you use the Lazy Susan function of the Gather Grill?

The Lazy Susan function of the Gather Grill adds even more functionality and versatility to your grilling experience. Use the Lazy Susan function to easily adjust the cooking temperature for your food.

For example, you can place the charcoal on one side of your grill. When cooking on this side, the grill or griddle will get really hot at around 350–500 degrees Fahrenheit, but the other side will be cooler. Use the hot side to perfectly sear steaks and other proteins, or adjust the Lazy Susan to cook food slowly or keep it warm on the cooler sections. 

You can also use the Lazy Susan to easily serve food to guests around the table. This adds a fun, memorable, restaurant type of experience to your event or party.

How do you use the smoking hood on the Gather Grill?

Another great feature of the Gather Grill is the smoking hood, also called the baking hood. Use grilling gloves to simply place the hood over the bar grate. 

Smoker Grill Fire Pit Combo

You can adjust the vent pipe under the wing and the vent on top of the hood to adjust the airflow and temperature inside the hood. Close the vents almost all the way to keep the temperature around 250 degrees Fahrenheit and slow cook meats like ribs, brisket, or pork butt. Easily add more fuel such as charcoal or wood by rotating the Lazy Susan and lifting up the griddle.

Using the baking hood, you can also easily prepare dinners and baked goods such as pizza, pies, or biscuits at around 350—400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Get your Gather Grill started today!

Gather Grills are easy to use and are a great grilling option for any party. Experience for yourself what it is like to cook so many types of food outdoors, all while being a great host. 

Got questions? Chat with us today and begin planning your next party. Ready to grill? Visit our online store or look for a local dealer near you and then get cooking!

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