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BBQ Fire Pit Innovation: Can This Classic Entertainment Hub Be Improved?

BBQ fire pit

Good food and the company of loved ones can turn a dull evening around, which is why the classic BBQ fire pit is a much-loved addition to your family’s backyard. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a national holiday, or the start of a long weekend, a BBQ fire pit provides an opportunity for friends and family to get together over a meal and make lasting memories.

Traditionally, fire pits have been around for thousands of years, just not in the form we know today. Ancient fire pits have been unearthed at excavation sites all over the world. The simplest form of a traditional fire pit is digging a hole in the ground and filling it with coals. This was used not only for cooking meals but was also great for community-building activities and to keep warm. Over time, while the spirit has remained the same, the traditional pit has evolved into a modern BBQ fire pit which offers much more than an opening filled with hot coals.

This ancient practice nourished both body and soul for our ancestors all over the globe. Inventions are evolving all the time as our needs grow and change, and the classic BBQ fire pit is no different. Today, it is no longer the cheap or bulky contraption of decades past. Those limited-use aging devices have been replaced by a modern and multi-purpose grill which is designed to make entertaining easy and fun for you and your guests. Yes, you can level up your BBQ fire pit with innovative new applications designed for today’s entertaining.

If you are still working with a traditional grill, it is time to upgrade to fit your modern-day get-togethers. Gather Grills offers a revolutionary outdoor grill experience that will make you a popular host with your friends and family. The highly customized and aesthetically designed grills will make you the center of your party – literally and figuratively. And it’s not just an attractive design. Gather grills walk the talk of innovation with many features that you will not find in a traditional BBQ fire pit or other competitors on the market.

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Why Are Fire Pits So Popular?

Fire pits are a quintessential part of the American entertainment experience. We love outdoor cooking. Whether it is reliving childhood memories, love for the fresh air, or celebrating festivals, get-togethers around grills are a common and popular activity. Many families have traditions around the pit that get carried on by their subsequent generations. Feelings of love, belonging and comradery remain the same, but what has changed is the approach to the experience. Today, we might not be roasting a whole pig over an open flame, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying freshly grilled pork chop on a much easier and convenient to use grill.

According to a survey conducted by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, nearly 64% of U.S. adults and 72% of Canadian adults own a grill or smoker. While the Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for a cookout, it is hardly the only one. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day all rank high for popular days to indulge in America’s favorite backyard activity. Recent trends show a rising increase in year-round grilling as cooking outdoors becomes even more popular.

Consumers who miss those smoky grilled flavors are moving away from the utilitarian gas fueled grills and opting for new and innovative approaches to using charcoal. Gather Grills gives you the flexibility to easily switch between smoker, grill and fire pit features and offers a built-in dining table for you and your diners. With Gather Grills, every meal is an opportunity to connect and form lasting memories. With four sizes to choose from, we’ve got your crew covered.

Entertaining Made Even More Fun with a Table Fire Pit

 A traditional BBQ fire pit restricts your movement and it can be hard (or even dangerous) to gather your guests around it.  With a traditional fire pit, it’s not as easy to experiment with your outdoor space and try out new ways to entertain the crowd. Even worse, the party often moves to find its own comfortable spot while you are stuck in the corner frying patties and worrying about whether your guests are having a good time.

It is time to push this routine to the past and move into the future. BBQ fire pit designs have grown to include so much more. With Gather Grills, you as the host get to be the center of your gatherings and enjoy the party as much as your guests. Gather Grills give you the functionality to put your table fire pit in the perfect spot instead of being a permanent feature dictated by your landscape. You’ll also enjoy multipurpose cooking and the rotating grill with a built-in table feature. Everything that has been holding you back from having a good time is now possible with a table BBQ fire pit from Gather Grills.

When you invest in a modern table fire pit, you are investing in your relationships because entertaining becomes convenient and hassle-free. You can form bonds and interact with your guests with ease because the grill table itself is the center of attention.

Gather Around with Gather Grills from Meal Prep to Dessert

Gather Grills give you the convenience and flexibility of interacting with your guests while you go about preparing the dinner. Gone are the days when a BBQ fire pit was stationed in some corner of the backyard. You no longer have to work in isolation while your guests gather around a table, drinking and waiting for dinner to be ready. With Gather Grills, the center of the party is wherever you want it to be. A built-in dining table gives you the perfect opportunity to converse with your guests and cook at the same time. Once you’ve finished, you can easily serve it to your guests – fresh and hot, right off the grill! 

Another common grouch while grilling is the delay in getting the food ready. With large crowds, this is especially a challenge. As you struggle to quickly dish out the meat, your guests wait patiently (most of the time) in line for their meal. But with the large grilling area on Gather Grills, you can cook a large amount of food quickly and keep your guests happy. 

For your largest crowds, go for the Entertainer or the Reunion that can conveniently seat 9 and 10 people respectively, and can cook for up to 10 times that number.

A True Multipurpose Combo BBQ Fire Pit

For the ultimate cookout experience, you need a grill that can also be used as a fire pit, smoker, griddle, and grill table. As meat connoisseurs, we know that each of these brings an entirely different dining experience of a BBQ. The fire pit gives you the hallmark camp-like feel. The open flames in a fire pit are not only inviting on a cold winter evening but are an ideal setting for intimate conversations.

Gather Grills was built upon the need for human interaction and given it a modern twist. You can gather with friends and family any time of day. Now you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast of eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and bacon on a griddle. In the evening, set up the grill to sear meat and get those browned strips which are classic to outdoor grilling.

Sitting down for a meal with friends and family is a special moment. Gather Grills’ rotating grill table makes it easy and convenient to serve. Why pass the plate of grilled ribs back and forth when you can simply rotate the grill and get access to your favorite food easily? The lazy Susan feature was intuitively added to give you and your guests the best BBQ experience.

Enhance the outdoor grill experience with a real multipurpose combo. Get your Gather Grills multicooker todayit’s not just any other BBQ fire pit!

Innovative Design Features to Bring Your BBQ Fire Pit into the 21st Century

Gone are the days when the BBQ fire pit was a piece of black equipment tucked away in the corner of your backyard or patio. Today, grills form an essential part of your home’s outdoor entertainment area. For the same reason, Gather Grills puts in considerable effort to ensure that the design of the grill matches your aesthetic sensibilities.

The tabletop material is available in either stainless steel or Ipe Brazilian hardwood. The stainless steel gives the grill a rugged look and heats up slightly more than the Ipe hardwood, so enjoy the warmth during cooler times of year or use our heat-resistant placemats. On the other hand, Ipe Brazilian hardwood lends a premium feel to your grill and is built from one of the finest wood products available. It all depends on what you want your experience to be.

For intimate and smaller gatherings, opt for the Tailgater which can easily fit on smaller decks and patios. It seats up to seven guests and can cook for more than twice that number. If you find your gathering size is increasing with time, you can level up with the Pioneer, our most popular model for the grilling enthusiast who loves to have friends and family over regularly. One of the best design features you’ll find on any size Gather Grills is that once you have dined, you can remove the grates and add fire wood, successfully converting your grill into a fire pit to keep the night alive.

Gather Grills vs. Traditional Fire Pit

Over the years, fire pits have evolved drastically in terms of functionality and design. From a hole dug in the ground to elaborate structures of stone, brick and metal, fire pits can come in varying shapes and sizes. However, a feature that unites them all is the function of portability – namely, lack thereof. Fire pits generally cannot be moved around easily since they are installed. That is a big limitation when you want to move houses, or just want to shift your get-together from the backyard to the patio. Unpredictable weather can also cause hiccups with your plans. Even if you have a portable fire pit, you are still usually restricted to use it for only one style of cooking – over open flame.

Gather Grills is a modernized and innovative version of your traditional BBQ fire pit.

Think of all the things you could do with your backyard grill, and you will find those features and more in Gather Grills. A tabletop adds an aesthetic value to your gatherings and serves a multipurpose function. When planning a dinner, you don’t have to think twice about the kinds of food you can and cannot serve. Gather Grills gives you the flexibility to burn both charcoal and wood. With a multi-function smoker, grill and griddle combo you can appeal to your guests’ food preferences with ease.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Gather Grills are designed to make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about messy cleaning and oil residue. The grates in all the variants of Gather Grills are made from 304 stainless steel. You can easily clean the grates while they are still hot by using your grill brush to scrape off any grease and leftover food. Once you are done with your meal, take a few minutes to clean off the grates and convert it into a fire pit to keep the night alive. The high-quality stainless steel also resists any rust and corrosion. In addition, each variant comes with a heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover ensuring years of service for you and your family. 

The grill rotation feature is one of the best design features of Gather Grills that you won’t find in other outdoor cookers on the market. Gather Grills not only gives you the flexibility to cook half-and-half, like using the grill and the skillet at the same time, but also lets you rotate the grill from high to low heat without moving around individual food. Give your Juicy Lucy burger a twist with an addition of fried egg on the patty. You can easily fry up your burger patty on the grill while your fried egg cooks on the skillet. And for maintenance? Just oil the bearings every few times you use your grill and keep your rotating grill table rolling smoothly.

Ready to upgrade your classic BBQ fire pit with modern and user-friendly Gather Grills? Find out which size is right for you!

Easy to Install and Capable of Moving

A BBQ fire pit should offer you both freedom and fun! You should have the flexibility to dismantle the grill and move it around when you need to. Gather Grills gives you that convenience. Whether you want to move the party to your front yard, or are relocating to a new home, you have the ability to disassemble the equipment and transfer it safely to your new abode. Try doing that with a stone fire pit!

Unmatched Flexibility

Gather Grills give you the flexibility to switch between smoker, grill and griddle functions on your BBQ fire pit. You can swap the grates at your convenience and use whole or part of the cooking area for one or multiple functions. With the 360-degree rotating grill feature, you can move the entire cooking area and distribute food for direct and indirect cooking with ease. This simple addition to your BBQ grill makes sure that your guests are always served fresh and warm food. A traditional fire pit will never be able to compete with these advanced features that Gather Grills offers.

Right-Sized for Your Crowd

There is no limit to the number of people you can celebrate an occasion with when you’ve leveled up to Gather Grills. A romantic evening for two can be as meaningful as a reunion of your high-school volleyball team. We don’t set a limit to your celebrations, and neither should you. With Gather Grills, you can pick from four size options. Each of the variations has been designed to cover all your needs and includes options for expansion.

Even our smallest grill, the Tailgater, seats up to 7 people and is perfect for small family gatherings. But if needed, you can easily cook for 10 or more people at any given time. The Pioneer is next in size and gives you 60% more grilling space than the Tailgater. With the Pioneer, you can confidently cook for 14 guests or more at one time. If you’re still looking for more, we recommend checking out the Entertainer and the Reunion for those who live larger than life. You know how to party and we salute you! To host those epic parties, you need an epic BBQ fire pit, so look no further than Gather Grills.

Everything you could ever need from your traditional fire pit you can find in Gather Grills, and so much more. Gone are the days when a simple grill and roast would get the party going. Today, your guests have adventurous taste buds and special dietary needs, which can only be fulfilled with an innovative table fire pit. Take your party hosting skills to new heights with Gather Grills. We bring to you a hassle-free way to entertain. All you need to do is gather your loved ones and start making memories. It’s time to celebrate the art of cooking, serving and eating together.

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The Gather Grills Advantage: Make Mealtimes Fun for Everyone – Even the Chef!

Gather Grills is your complete fire pit dining table package. It is everything you need to get the party started and keep it going long after the meal has ended. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced host, you need a trusted companion that will not let you down. Gather Grills multipurpose function ensures you are catering to the needs of your guests and you can effortlessly switch between various cooking functions. A vegan, vegetarian and meat lover can all find comfort in the delicious food that comes fresh off your grill.

As the host, you are literally at the center of your parties. Gather Grills gives you the advantage of interacting with and entertaining your guests while you work the grill to show off your culinary skills. We understand that each party is different vibe. You may be popular for your larger-than-life gatherings, or you may prefer an intimate crowd of loved ones. We do not believe in the one size fits all philosophy. But no matter what your needs are, we have the right size grill for you.

The end of a party brings with it a sense of dread for the hosts. The thought of all that cleaning can put even the liveliest of us in a mood. With Gather Grills, you have one less thing to worry about. Your grill can be easily cleaned once you have cooked the last batch of food. You can be winding down with your drinks and conversation, and still brush off the grills on the side to convert the grill into a fire pit without disrupting your evening fun. 

Transform your BBQ fire pit into a cozy intimate setting around Gather Grills. Check out the sizes today and get one delivered to your home for your next gathering.

Welcome the New Way to Entertain

A BBQ fire pit is a must have addition to your home to spend time with loved ones and create lasting memories. A dinner at a restaurant, no matter how good it is, cannot replace the time spent in the comfort of your own home. Traditional fire pits are a thing of the past. They are cumbersome to operate and take time to get started, and are often a hassle to clean. A table fire pit will let you enjoy your grilling activities with so much more ease.

Gather Grills is the only grill you need to level-up the parties at your home. Got questions? Chat with us today and begin planning your next party to show off your grilling skills with Gather Grills. Ready to rock? Visit our online store and get cooking!

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