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How to Set Up the Gather Grill

How to Set Up the Gather Grill

So, you’ve ordered the 5-in-1 Gather Grill and it is arriving at your home soon. How exciting! Now you’re probably wondering what it takes to set up the Gather Grill. Don’t worry. The Gather Grill is extremely quick and easy to set up and it does not require any tools. We mean it — no tools required!

This post will walk you through step-by-step how to set up your Gather Grill so you can start grilling in no time. Keep reading or watch the video to learn more about the different parts and features of the grill. 

Get ready to revolutionize the way you cook and entertain outdoors at your home.

Unbox your Gather Grill

The Gather Grill will arrive at your home on a pallet. It is going to be wrapped in protective packing materials, and parts such as the wings and hoods are going to be wrapped in separate boxes. Unpackage everything like it’s your birthday!

Be sure to take everything out of the grill itself, including the metal ring around the rim, and set those things aside. This will make the grill as light as possible for the next step.

Move the grill to your patio or backyard

The grill is on heavy-duty castor wheels to make it easy to roll around. If you use a delivery service, they can help you roll the grill to your desired location on your patio or backyard. If not, get a strong friend to help you roll it to your desired location. Use the handles on the sides to lift the grill over any steps or obstacles.

If you’re not entirely sure where you want to keep your Gather Grill, then no worries! The castors make it easy to move it around your deck, patio, or backyard. Once in position, make sure to lock the wheels so your grill doesn’t roll while you’re trying to eat.

Set up the Metal Ring

Once the grill is where you want it, you can start assembling it. 

First, replace the metal ring around the rim. Press down gently on the ring to make sure it is in place. Make sure that the slots where the wings are going to go are not directly above any of the handles. 

Next, find the bag of ball bearings that came with your grill. Attach the ball bearings to the brackets on the inside of the ring by hand-tightening the included lock washer and wing nut onto the bottom of each ball bearing. 

These ball bearings allow the ring to rotate and enable the Lazy Susan function of the grill. 

How to Set Up the Gather Grill

Install the grates

Now it is time to assemble the charcoal and cooking grates.

First, place the charcoal grates into the bottom of your Gather Grill. Newer models have two halves to make them easier to clean.

Next, take the subgrate and rest it in place on the ring and ball bearings.

Finally, grab the griddle(s) and the bar grate(s) and simply place them in, one on each section of the subgrate. 

Set the height

When you’re cooking and entertaining, sometimes it is better to have your guests stand around the grill and other times it is better to get cozy and sit around the grill. Maybe you have both lawn chairs and bar stools that you’d like to use with your grill on different occasions. Or maybe you and your spouse both like to cook at different heights. With the Gather Grill, you aren’t stuck cooking at an awkward height!

Standard table height ranges between 28 and 29 inches tall. Standard counter height is 34 inches tall. Therefore, the Gather Grill can be adjusted anywhere in between these heights.

Grill with an Adjustable Height

Raising and lowering the grill is a simple process. Get your favorite strong helper again. Have them pull on one of the grill handles just enough to lift one leg off the ground at a time. Be careful not to fully tip the grill over. While they’re lifting, pull the pin out of the leg and adjust the leg to the desired height. Then, pop the pin back into one of the preset holes. Repeat the same process for each of the three legs.

Assemble the table

Are you getting hungry? Me too. Don’t worry; you’re almost ready to cook! 

The final step is to assemble the sectional wings. The Tailgater has 7 wings, the Pioneer has 8, the Entertainer has 9, and the Reunion has 10. The wings are super simple to install.

Take them out of the box. Then insert the metal hangers into the corresponding slots in the metal ring. Insert each wing at a slight upward angle and then push it in and down. Repeat until all the wings are attached. 

How to set up the Gather Grill

One thing to consider while you’re attaching the wings is whether or not you’d like to leave one out. Leaving out a wing makes it easy to get closer to the grill. Getting closer makes it easier to cook and clean, or to take things on and off the grill. The sectional function makes it really easy to customize the grill so that you can get close when you need to instead of leaning uncomfortably over the wing.

Remember, the wings do not require any tools to add or remove, so you can even change your set-up during your Gather Grill experience!

Fire up the Gather Grill!

Wham-o! Now your Gather Grill is fully assembled, and you can get to grilling.

Learn how to fire up your Gather Grill with less than 1 minute of work. Get your food prepped, gather your loved ones, and you can be creating new memories with your Gather Grill in 15 minutes flat!

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